Mukta Gaikwad


She is an all-night thinker, and a compulsive daydreamer. Yes, she abandons every truth to search and settle for a good fantasy. She lives each moment with the devil-may-care spirit, and knows how to take life with a pinch of salt, and a squeeze of lime. Mukta will find a silver lining behind every dark cloud and probably a rainbow too in every sunny sky. She has learnt her lessons in life well and knows better than to let the muggles get her spirit down. If she loves you, trust her to always be with you on every adventure of your life. The only thing she ever asks of you is your witty sense of humor to make the travel itinerary even more interesting. A content soul who knows how to find her way to happyness, Mukta's spirit cannot be broken that easily. Deep within she knows what she is looking for. And she knows that all good things are young, and wild, and free!

AMP Stories by Mukta Gaikwad

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