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At Buzzle Software Solutions, we are an enthusiastic team of around 80 professional Software Developers, Web Designers, Content Writers, Editors, Graphic Designers, Search Engine Optimizers and Network Administrators.Owned and operated by Buzzle Software Solutions, Visual Stories provides the tools and technology for individuals and businesses to adopt the AMP Stories format and boost user engagement.

Even with stellar content, it is very hard to grab the attention of consumers in today’s fast-paced life. Realizing this, we came up with Visual Stories, a platform that allows online businesses and content creators to leverage the AMP Stories format to maximize their reach.

We took care of the hassle of creating AMP Stories by introducing the first of its kind, built from scratch AMP Story Builder that enables easy creation of mobile-focused and search engine-friendly Stories with extensive customization.

Visual Stories provides a no-code solution to integrate AMP Stories feature on websites.

The feature can be integrated on a new domain or on a subdomain of an existing website. This domain or subdomain harnesses high-end technologies like PWA and AMP and is optimized for mobile, speed and search engine rankings. The setup, hosting and maintenance of this domain or subdomain is handled by Visual Stories. Technical SEO is implemented and new features and optimizations are added automatically.

Visual Stories serves as a platform for content marketing and distribution. One can guest blog in the AMP Stories format on any website in the Visual Stories Network and expand their visibility and readership.

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The Story of Visual Stories

We aim at providing an effective solution to publisher pain points like gaining traffic, user engagement, user retention, harnessing the latest technologies and optimized monetization.

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Start a website with Visual Stories for free. Invest in the content, monetize the website and create a source of passive income for yourself. Since AMP Stories format is the future of the Internet, creating a website with the Stories feature is a great investment opportunity, especially so when you can get the website designed and developed for free, and all you have to invest in is the domain registration and the content.

Create AMP Stories or get them written from some of the best writers in the industry. We can provide you with content writing services. AMP Stories will soon have ads. Earn from the revenue generated through the ads on your website.

Sign up and start an AMP Stories website. For a complete guidance through the process of finalizing a niche and purchasing a domain,

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