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Make an equity investment in Visual Stories and earn a profit share.

Why Visual Stories

  • Investing in Visual Stories can turn out to be a good investment decision because this business idea has evolved over years of research and is future-proof.
  • Visual Stories is evolving into a social media platform where content creators can earn. Content creators (individuals or businesses) can start their own website with Visual Stories. The website harnesses the latest technologies like AMP, is a Progressive Web App (PWA), and has Web Stories as its content format. It is hosted and fully managed and optimized for speed, mobile and search engine rankings. Technical SEO is implemented and new features and optimizations are added automatically. The website can be started on a subdomain of or on a new domain.
  • Owing to the latest technology and content format, a website started with Visual Stories scores high on performance and user engagement metrics and the content has a huge potential to rank on the 1st page of Google.
  • Content creators can get started for free and when Google introduces AdSense ads in Web Stories, they can opt for RevShare. See details.
  • With RevShare, a content creator gets 75% of the revenue from the ads on his site and VisualStories keeps 25%. With multiple sites opting for RevShare, there is a consistent rise in the earning of VisualStories and its investors.
  • VisualStories also provides sites with paid services like content writing, SEO and Graphic Designing. For details of the content writing services, see Content Services.

Flexibility of Payment

You can pay the entire amount at once or choose to pay every month or every quarter. You will have complete flexibility of payment.

Allocation of Funds

The amount you invest will be allocated towards the resources working for the product and recruitment of new resources as required, for further product development. A certain amount will also be allocated towards marketing and business promotion.


  • You will be given a roadmap of how the business will progress.
  • You will be given detailed information about how the business idea evolved, the current business scenario, and the future growth outlined.
  • Every month, you will receive a detailed report of the expenses and earnings in that month, so that, at any point you will have clarity of the profit or loss in the business.

Tracking of Business Growth

  • You will be able to join team meetings to take updates about work progress.
  • You will receive an email about the work status every month so that you can stay updated about the business development.
  • There will be clear communication about the allocation of your funds. You will be furnished with details of how much amount is being allocated for which purpose.

More About Visual Stories

Owned and operated by Buzzle Software Solutions, Visual Stories provides the tools and technology for individuals and businesses to adopt the Web Stories format and boost user engagement.

At Buzzle Software Solutions, we are an enthusiastic team of around 30 professional Software Developers, Software Testers, Web Designers, and Network Administrators, and a team of Content Writers, Editors, Graphic Designers, Search Engine Optimizers that work as freelancers.

We came up with Visual Stories, a hassle-free way for online businesses and content creators to leverage Web Stories to maximize their reach. Since Web Stories are fast-loading, mobile-focused, visually engaging and light on text, they stand out on the web and can attract and hold user attention. To enable creation of Web Stories, we developed the Visual Story Builder, a tool that is fully mobile-compatible, has a WYSIWYG editor and lets you create Web Stories in minutes.

We aim at providing an effective solution to publisher pain points like gaining traffic, user engagement, user retention, harnessing the latest technologies and optimized monetization.

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