New Features in Visual Stories

What's New

May 2021

  • Free video library by Coverr

April 2021

  • Android App
  • Self host Web Stories on your website using these tools:
    • Headless CMS

      Use Visual Stories as a decoupled Headless CMS:

      • To create stories, use our story builder. Optionally, self host the story builder frontend itself on your site.
      • To host stories, fetch story list and individual story details using our REST API. Send URL to the API and it'll respond with matching story's details including AMPHTML. Use the AMPHTML to display stories on your site in a search engine friendly way.
      • Our team will guide you to get everything setup.
    • Story builder SPA

      Host Story builder frontend on your site. It's a Single Page Application (SPA) so it'll work on its own. It'll include everything needed for your team to create stories:

  • Presets & Blocks
  • Audio upload & library

Previous Releases

March 2021

February 2021

  • New free video library
  • Structured Data related updates
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  • New Templates

January 2021

December 2020

  • Page Templates
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  • Adsense Integration
  • Landscape Mode
  • Branding related improvements
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  • Media Search improvements

November 2020

October 2020

  • Quiz and Quiz Result card
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  • SVG library
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  • Page Attachment
  • Story builder optimizations

September 2020

  • Search
  • SVG support
  • Content Syndication Widget
  • Improvements in feeds and app profile

August 2020

  • Content Types
  • Brand Templates
  • Invite Contributors
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  • Illustrations library

July 2020

  • Global Templates
  • Tweet embed component
  • Custom Animations
  • Copy and move elements in editor

June 2020

  • Media library improvements
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  • Integrations for over 25 million free images
  • New design layouts : Live blog, Classical, Story Player
  • Site Categories

May 2020

  • Design customization in story builder
  • Unsplash integration for free images
  • Music library
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April 2020

  • WYSIWYG Editor
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Until March 2020

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