Visual Stories: An Unmissable Opportunity for Investors

Help Visual Stories evolve into a social media platform where content creators earn. As the platform grows, your wealth will.

Looking for a high-return investment that is
low-risk? smart? profitable?

Invest in a business that
has a unique idea. has a strong narrative. is growth-focused. has a clear roadmap. is futuristic.

Invest in Visual Stories and get the opportunity to
earn passive income. make your wealth work. get a share in the business profit.

Visual Stories is soon to be social media platform where content creators can earn. The content they create will be in the Web Stories format. Content in this format can rank in a dedicated section on Google's 1st page.

So, content creators using the Web Stories format will benefit from the greater visibility achieved due to rankings. And when Google introduces AdSense ads in Web Stories, the content creators will be able to earn a share of the ad revenue.

The best way for a content creator to leverage the Web Stories format is to start his own Web Stories blog. Visual Stories gives content creators a no-code solution to start a website which can be on a subdomain of or on a new domain. This website is optimized for mobile, speed and search engine rankings, has technical SEO implemented and receives automatic feature updates. This website is a Progressive Web App (PWA) and has Web Stories as its content format.

One can get started with the free option and when AdSense ads are introduced in Web Stories, can opt for RevShare wherein VisualStories takes 25% of the revenue while the site owner keeps 75% of the revenue share.

Thus, Visual Stories turns out to be a lucrative platform for individuals as well as businesses, giving them an opportunity to increase their following as well as earn, from the content they create.

If you can see the potential in this business idea, do not miss noticing the business opportunity it holds. Join us as an investor and grow your wealth. The more the sites with Visual Stories, the more you will earn. From each site created, Visual Stories will keep 25% revenue share. So with multiple such sites, there will be a continuous increase in the earnings of Visual Stories and its investors.

If this sounds like a good investment opportunity, make an equity investment with us. The funds received will be allocated towards developing our product into a social media platform of Web Stories. We aim at collaborating with investors like you and give you and our users a win-win solution for growth.

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