Storytelling At Its Finest

Harness the Web Stories format to create content that is
attention-grabbing. immersive. tap through. enthralling. impressive.

Using the Web Stories format, create Visual Stories that are
visually engaging. mobile-focused. user-first. fun-to-browse.

Visual Stories are web pages that have
more visuals. less text. snackable bytes of content.

Create visual content that is
short. crisp. clear. concise.

Visual Stories can be created quite easily by putting together
photos. videos. quick facts. tips and hacks. quotes. riddles. jokes. share-worthy experiences.

Visual Stories, are visually engaging and fast-loading web pages created using the Web Stories content format. Powered by Google’s AMP technology, Web Stories are Snapchat and Instagram-like Stories that are search engine-friendly and meant for the web. Being speedy, mobile-focused, easy to consume and equally easy to create, they are the best content format on the Internet.

Our feature-rich Visual Story Builder makes it easy and fun to create stunning Web Stories in minutes, without writing a single line of code.

Get Started

Have you noticed the "Visual Stories" section in Google mobile search results? It looks like this:

The web pages listed in there are called Web Stories. They are an amazing, new way of visual storytelling on the web. They combine the user experience of social media Stories with the reach and visibility of the web. They have a URL on your web server. They are linkable, can link to other web pages and they are searchable and shareable on the open web. Moreover, they can rank on the 1st page of Google search results. Notice the red arrows in these images. They point to Stories of some of our client websites. Learn more.

Our no-code visual tool makes Story creation a cakewalk. So sign up for free and start creating Stories. Grab the opportunity to expand your reach.

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Create Web Stories from your
photographs. videos. selfies.

Showcase your talent and creativity through your
art works. crafts. paintings. sketches. doodles. writings. cartoons.

Put together words and pictures to publish Web Stories about your
vacations. hobbies. pets. inspirations. passions. life.

Tell the world
what you know. what's on your mind. what you've read. your experiences. your story.

Create Web Stories that promote your
business. brand. products. services.

Our Visual Story Builder lets you publish beautiful Web Stories that will leave your readers spellbound. You don't have to be a coder or even an expert writer to create Stories. For anyone, creating them is easy and fun. From hobby writers and bloggers to content marketers and social media influencers, everyone is welcome to sign up and publish Stories in any of our categories.

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Get Web Stories on your website without
writing a single line of code. any technical hassles. worrying about its setup, hosting and maintenance.

Grab the opportunity to
get found on Google. grow your business. invest in emerging technologies.

Ride the Visual Stories wave now, if you are an ambitious
website owner. web developer. blogger. marketer. passions. entrepreneur.

Get a ready-to-use web app with Web Stories (previously called AMP Stories) feature integrated on your own website without disturbing its existing structure. It will be a Progressive Web App (PWA), a responsive website which is also a mobile app. It will harness Web Stories as its content format which means its content will be searchable and rankable on Google. Here's proof.

Red arrows in these screenshots point to Stories of our client sites that rank in the Visual Stories carousel on Google's first page. Ranking Stories from our client sites VacationZeal and VacationJoys are a proof that Web Stories can work like magic to boost your business with new clients from Google! Thus, Web Stories is that productive, battle-tested format you should adopt right away.

In a few simple steps and with no coding skills required, you can get a PWA of Web Stories that is powered by our SAAS system. Our AMP CMS is a multi-tenant, multi-app and multi-author system that allows cross-site blogging from a single place, with a single user account. Your PWA will get automatic updates as and when new features are launched and new AMP components are introduced.

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