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"Stories" format is wildly popular on social media. However, these stories are limited to the walled gardens of 4 social media apps and do not rank on Google.

"Stories" are a craze on social media. Stories format is the hottest new trend led by Instagram and Snapchat. In the last few years, the trend of Stories on social media has picked up in a big way. Owing to their visual engagement, they have become ever so popular with users and social networking apps are vigorously promoting Story creation.

Huge Demand for Stories Format

  • According to a survey conducted by Forrester, 60% of weekly mobile content users consume tappable stories daily on social media.

  • In their survey of 2,062 smartphone users who consume publisher content at least weekly from their mobile device, it was found that:

    • 74% of smartphone users read or view social stories at least weekly.

    • 74% of 18-to 24-year-olds and 68% of 25-to 34-year-olds view social stories daily.

Stories on the Web

Due to technical limitations, the Stories format was not seen in use on websites till now. But that's about to change, thanks to AMP technology by Google. Websites too can now ride on the Stories trend, with the advantage of being search engine-friendly. These Stories are searchable, linkable and shareable on the web and are indexed by search engines.

Have you recently noticed a new "Visual Stories" section in Google mobile search results? It looks like this:

The web pages listed in there are called Web Stories or Visual Stories. They are like the Stories on social media but Visual Stories have a huge advantage that they can rank on the 1st page of Google search results, as shown above. Notice the red arrows in these images. They point to Stories of some of our client websites.

The "Visual Stories" Section
Being web pages, Web Stories compete for rankings in regular search results. Furthermore, the "Visual Stories" section will make PositionZero rankings possible, which means that by having your content in the Web Stories format you'll be able to rank on the first page of Google!

This is how the new section looks in Google mobile search results:

Google Discover

Google Discover is part of Google app and used by more than 1 billion people each month. Google Discover now shows Web Stories in a Stories carousel or as a single card.

Google Images

Web Stories show up in an image card in Google Images.

Why This is a Huge Opportunity

Google can send umpteen times more traffic to your content than all social media combined, if you rank in the 1st page results for the keywords your prospects search. What if you can rank on highly popular keywords, that too in a section that is so visual and thus, cannot be ignored easily? This opens up a huge opportunity for those who wish to make it big online. Web Stories are the biggest SEO opportunity of the decade.

Wish to Grab the Opportunity?

From Fortune 500 companies to the average blogger, everyone has the golden opportunity to rank in Google Discover and the Visual Stories section on Google’s first page! Early birds will get the highest ROI, so act now. To rank in there you'll need to:

  • Learn about Web Stories.
  • Create content in Web Stories format.
  • Create high-quality visual content.
  • Follow Google guidelines.

You don’t have to be tech-savvy for this, because Visual Stories gives you a no-code, hassle-free solution to leverage Web Stories. We provide you with the required tools and complete guidance to keep up with the new age of technology.

Visual Stories are visually engaging and fast-loading web pages created using the Web Stories format. Powered by Google’s AMP Technology, they are Snapchat and Instagram-like Stories that are search engine-friendly and meant for the open web. Being speedy, mobile-focused, easy to consume and equally easy to create, they are the best content format today.

Our No-Code Solution

Build Web Stories without writing a single line of code.

No Coding Skills Required To Create Stories
You don't have to be a developer to be able to create stories. We provide you with a feature-rich Visual Story builder tool using which you can create beautiful stories in minutes. The visual tools make story creation easy and fun. From hobby writers to non-technical marketers, anyone can become a visual content creator using our tools. Our ready-to-use templates and media libraries ensure you don't have to build stories from scratch.

Google Review

Get a ready-to-use Web App with Web Stories Blog
How about a mobile app whose content pages rank in Google? Yes, such a "web app" is now possible with a new technology called Progressive Web App (PWA). A PWA is a website and mobile app at the same time. It's a responsive website that doubles up as a mobile app.

Our PWA Builder is a no-code solution with which you can create a PWA, in a few minutes by following a few simple steps. No programming skills required. The best part is that you get a ready-to-use PWA with Visual Web Stories blogging feature integrated.

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Your PWA will be powered by our SAAS system that takes care of content management, cloud hosting, technical SEO, and everything you would require to create content in the Web Stories format. Our feature-rich AMP CMS comes with modern blogging tools and a complete editorial workflow. It's a multi-tenant, multi-app, multi-author system that allows you to blog cross-site with a single user account.

Your PWA will keep auto-updating with new features as they are launched. AMP components will get added as they get support in Web Stories.

With Web Stories evolving, you'll love this hassle-free experience that'll help you focus on creating quality content to rank in search engines. We have your back. You can get started in no time.

Multi-site blogging from a single place!

Visual Blogging
Visual blogging is the modern way of promoting your products and services on the web. Web Stories are a great way to create attention-grabbing visual content. Start a visual stories blog without writing a single line of code. You can use our free subdomains with free SSL, or host on your own domain. You can get the blog on your own website without disturbing its existing structure or design. You can start creating stories on the blog of your own, in minutes.

Cross-site Guest Blogging
With a single user account, you can guest post on hundreds of websites in the Visual Stories Network. You can promote yourself, your company, brand, and products on multiple platforms with a single sign-up and from a single place.

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Give your site a competitive edge
without writing a single line of code. without recruiting developers. without any technical hassles. without demand on your time and resources.

Empower your website with a groundbreaking content format that'll boost
user engagement. search engine rankings. organic traffic.

Mesmerize your readers with
a mobile-first design. vibrant themes. amazing animations. images and videos. melodious music.

Build stunning web pages that will
expand your reach. grow your online presence. improve brand awareness.

Unlike Instagram Stories, Web Stories
do not expire in 24 hours. are on the open web. are indexed by search engines. can rank on Google. can be published on your own website.

With Web Stories, you can
target high-traffic keywords. rank on the 1st page of Google. rank on highly competitive keywords.

Use Visual Stories to promote your
website. app. product. service.

Start Creating. It's Free.

No coding skills required!

Create mesmerizing stories using our Visual Story builder. Publish on your own domain. From hobby writers to bloggers to marketers, we invite everyone to start creating stories.

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From starting a blog to earning from it, Visual Stories is your one-stop solution. You don't have to be a developer to start a Stories blog. Use our PWA builder to create a blog visually. No coding skills required.

It will be your permanent source of passive income. Get started:

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Have a Website already?
Without affecting your existing website's structure, we can add a Web Stories blog on a subdomain or subfolder of your site. You can get Web Stories feature on your website in a few minutes by following a few simple steps.

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Start your own platform like Visual Stories! We provide an all-in-one white label solution to launch your own:

  • Web Story builder
  • AMP Website builder
  • Multi-tenant, multi-site blogging platform
  • Social Network
  • Nocode. Hassle-free. Automated.

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