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All the tools you'll ever need to leverage AMP Web Stories format. Publish search engine friendly Web Stories on your website and maximize your reach online. Learn More

  • Discount offer: Get upto 52% discount on your monthly fees for 12 months. Discounted prices shown below.
  • Limited time: Discounts available for a limited period. Hurry, grab the offer before it expires. Contact Us.
  • Create your blog.
  • Free plan includes all of the core features essential for a fully functional Web Stories blog.
  • No fees. No credit card required.
  • Free plan is for learning purpose only. It can be revoked anytime.
  • Create a free blog now
  • Monthly charges per website.
  • Prices in USD, will be converted to your currency at the time of invoice.

Total number of Web Stories per website. How are number of stories counted?

  • A Web Story is counted only once even though it has multiple slides, because a story is a single web page with unique URL.
  • Homepage, Categories, About pages and Templates are not counted.

Domain Mapping: Map your own domain to your Web Stories blog. It can be a new domain or a subfolder or subdomain of an existing website.

If a website already exists on your root domain, you can start a Web Stories blog in a subfolder or subdomain. For subfolder you can either self-host or route web requests through a cloud CDN.

Embed story player and showcase your stories on any webpage on any of your websites. View example.

Basic include Interactive content:

  • Text Quizzes
  • Text Polls



  • Integration of free media libraries Unsplash and Coverr to make millions of free images and videos available.
  • SVG library: Icons, Stickers, Shapes, etc.


  • Music library

Google Analytics integration to track your visitors and get detailed statistics for analysis.
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All plans get a free library of templates and presets. Advanced features include:

  • Premium templates library.
  • Site level brand templates library that site owner can create.
  • Each creator can create their own templates.
  • Creator can use their previously published stories as templates.

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) speeds up delivery of web content by bringing it closer to where users are. CDN is a necessity for user experience as well as SEO. Your blog must have CDNs as follows:

1. Storage CDN: For storing media files (images, videos, audio). Choices:

  • Provide your own cloud CDN account. We support popular clouds such as AWS, Azure, etc. Our team will guide you about this, setup your CDN and also integrate it with our system.
  • Buy storage space on our CDN at fixed rate.

2. CDN for Website: To cache and secure entire website. Choices:

  • Get your website on your own cloud CDN account.
  • Get our service at fixed rate.

No limits on number of team members, collaborators and contributors. Build a community as big as you like.


  • Publishing workflow for teams.
  • Multi-author blogging: Invite your team to join as contributors.
  • Moderating controls to ensure content quality.


  • Advanced user roles and permissions.
  • Deletion restrictions: Only site owner & editors can delete stories. Creators can only request deletion.

SEO is at the core of the product. SEO features such as below are integral part of a stories blog:

  • Web Stories created are AMP and search engine-friendly by nature.
  • Search engine optimized stories, blog homepage and categories.
  • Sitemap.
  • Structured Data. JSON-LD. markup.
  • Technical SEO: Canonical URL, H1, Alt Title, etc.
  • Free SSL (for subdomains and root domains).
  • Responsive design.
  • We make it mandatory that a blog provides a media storage CDN account so that the uploaded media files get hosted on your own domain and load fast.
  • It's mandatory that a domain must be on a cloud CDN, like Cloudflare, AWS, Fastly, etc. that cache static content closer to users. This ensures ultra-fast content delivery over edge networks. Also you have control over how your content is cached and secured.

Make your widget editor publicly available. Users can embed your story player widget and showcase your stories on their websites. This will bring in more traffic and revenue for you. View example.

Monetization with Advertisements

  • Basic: Monetize your Web Stories with Google Adsense.
  • Advanced: More monetization options like Google Ad Manager and Publisher Served Ads.
  • Learn More.

We provide you with a variety of design layouts and themes, from which you can choose one for your website.

Custom design will include New theme with your brand colors.

Boost user engagement and retention by incorporating social media-like features:

  • Personalized Feed: Users can follow other users, websites and topics to personalize their experience.
  • Reactions: Users can react on stories (Like).
  • Bookmarking: Users can save stories.

Learn More.

Create multiple blogs under your white labelled platform, with single login. Separate from the platform, each blog will get one month trial period. After the trial period is over, each blog will:

  • need to get its own pricing plan: Starter or Pro.
  • have its own features, limits and fees according to the chosen pricing plan.

Details here.

White Label means start your own platform like Visual Stories, on your domain, with your branding and create your userbase. Our white label solution is designed to adapt to your branding and engineered to blend seamlessly with your website.

  • Launch your own nocode AMP website builder, community builder and Web Stories builder.
  • Start your own multi-tenant, multi-site, multi-author blogging platform or social network ... an "Instagram of Web Stories".
  • Build Web Story blogs for your clients in minutes.
  • Empower all your and clients' websites.
  • Manage everything from a unified dashboard.
  • Enterprise-grade scalability.

Learn More.

GDPR and CCPA cookie consent using amp-geo and amp-consent.

For the Free plan, we might sometimes show Visual Stories promos. Typically it'd be one promo on an extra slide at the end of a story, like this. This won't affect the site's monetization ad space.

Description Free
Essential features for blogging in Web Stories format Growth hacking tools to boost user acquisition, engagement, retention, conversions and revenue White label

Multisite content platform
Best for Beginners Bloggers and startups Influencers and professionals Brands, media firms, agencies and enterprises
$0 $23    $15
per month
$49    $31
per month
$99    $47
per month
Web Stories blog
No. of Stories
Unlimited 100 Stories free. $0.1/story/month thereafter Unlimited Unlimited
Pageviews Unlimited
Custom domain
Web Story builder Click to Watch Video
Branding Click to Watch Video
Story Player Widget
Quizzes and Polls Click to Watch Video
Basic Advanced
Free Media libraries Click to Watch Video
Click to Watch Video
Basic Advanced
Analytics GA
GA + More
Templates Click to Watch Video Click to Watch Video
Basic Advanced
Presets & Blocks Click to Watch Video Click to Watch Video Basic Advanced
Media Storage CDN options
Number of Members Click to Watch Video
Team Workflow
Basic Advanced
User Acquisition
SEO Click to Watch Video
Content Distribution Widget
Conversions & Revenue
Monetize with Ads
Basic Advanced
User Engagement & Retention
Blog design themes Click to Watch Video
Free Themes Custom
PWA Click to Watch Video
Click to View Story
White Label
Remove VS promos
Onboarding and Training
Support Setup support Email support Priority Support
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Custom Plan For Enterprise Customers
  • Dedicated Account Manager. Personalized Product Training.
  • Custom Development. Tailored advice and Consultation.
  • Chat and Phone Support.
  • Special Contracts, SLA, Custom billing & Pricing.
  • Additional Features:
    • Lead Generation Forms

      Forms in Stories

      • Show forms in your Web Stories.
      • Custom and reusable forms.
      • Integrations with popular CRM and newsletter services.
      • Generate leads, drive sales and boost revenue.
    • Android App
      • Get free Androip app for your blog.
      • Auto updating. Hassle-free.
      • See example.
    • Auto Converter
    • Content Types

      Content Types are modules. To understand modules, see this example and watch this video.

    • Content Syndication

      Optional additional income with Content Syndication:

      • Earn by syndicating your Web Stories to 3rd party websites.
      • The 3rd party websites will receive an automated feed of syndicated stories embedded in such a way that your ads will be replaced by their affiliate ads.
      • SEO-safe: No duplicate content will ever get indexed in search engines.

Talk to sales and get a plan tailored to your needs.
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Prices are subject to change without notice. State and local taxes may apply.


  • Our fully managed hosting solution gives you a hassle-free experience where you don't have to do any hosting, scaling, maintenance or updates.
  • Free SSL included if a custom subdomain is hosted.
  • Automatic updates of applicable features.


Self-hosting: Publish Web Stories on your website in a search engine-friendly way. Self-host story builder and community builder. Automatic updates. Methods to get the stories:

  • Via CDN: CMS-independent way to host Web Stories blog in a subdirectory of your website. No coding skills needed.
  • With API: Visual Stories provides Headless CMS using which you can self-host stories with a decoupled architechture. Fetch story's AMPHTML using our API and publish on your website. You'll find APIkey and API documentation in the Site Admin > Manage > Settings.




Where can I learn to create Web Stories?

To create Web Stories, you don't need to learn any coding. The easiest way to learn how to create Web Stories is to just get started! Story creation is visual and kept simple with a WYSIWYG editor. You'll understand as you use it. Try creating a story on our demo website.

Can I trial before paying?

Yes, our Free plan has everything you need to get started building for free. There's no time limit. No credit card required. Pay as you grow.

Is there a setup fee?

No, there's no fees. Do not hesitate to contact support for assistance in setting up your blog.

Do I need a web host?

Choose one of these two options:

  • Our Hosting: To get blog on subdomain or root domain. Help
  • Self-hosting: To get blog in a subdirectory of your website. Help

Check this diagram to understand hosting options.

Do I need to hire a developer?

  • With Our Hosting solution: Visual Stories is a no-code platform i.e. no coding or tech skills required. So no developer needed. Leave the tech and hosting part to us. Help
  • Self-hosting: If you wish to self-host, you'll need a developer only if you wish to implement our API. Implementation will take only a few hours. Help

Can I export stories and manually host on my website?

Yes! API or CDN methods are better options as they'll automate the process and save you from having to manually copy each time. Help.

Are sites made with Visual Stories SEO-friendly?

Yes, of course. Check this.

Can I upgrade my plan later?

Yes of course you can upgrade plans. Previous payments will be prorated towards the new plan to ensure no money will be lost. Example: When switching from Pro to Premium you'll only have to pay the remaining amount.

However a couple things:

  • Any current discounts going on to onboard new customers won't be applicable to you.
  • Switch from Starter/Pro to White label (Premium) can only be done once.

Are there any offers or discounts?

Prices shown above are discounted and applicable for a limited period. Hurry, grab discount before the offer expires.

Can I partner with Visual Stories?

Yes, we are open to partnerships. Feel free to contact us.

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