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Owned and operated by Buzzle Software Solutions, VisualStories.com is a multi-tenant, multi-site platform that has a multi-author AMP CMS at its core. We let online businesses and content creators connect to harness the AMP Stories format to expand their reach. We provide businesses with the technology to build mobile-optimized websites, and empower content creators with the tools to create AMP Stories. Our goal is to reach publishers across the globe and help them make the strategic shift to AMP Stories by building AMP-optimized websites for them.

By signing up with us, bloggers and content marketers gain access to our Story Builder tool, using which they can publish AMP Stories on multiple websites from a single place.

By choosing to create a website with us, business owners get a no-code solution to start an optimized website with AMP Stories feature. They can decide whether to have it on a new domain or on a subdomain of their existing website. The website is hosted with Visual Stories and fully managed. It uses the latest of web technologies like PWA and AMP. Multiple collaborators can be added to the website. And it can be monetized.

Why AMP Stories?

AMP Stories, powered by Google’s AMP technology, are fast-loading, immersive, search engine-friendly and shareable on the Web. They are visually rich, mobile-focused and tap-through. They score high on user engagement metrics.

AMP Stories load faster than regular webpages and focus more on visually-driven content than traditional text-heavy content. So, promoting your products/services in the Stories format is highly effective for making content marketing campaigns successful and for enhancing your business prospects.

Visual Stories Network (VSN)

It is an ever-expanding network of websites powered by the Visual Stories technology. The websites in VSN are Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) and have the AMP Stories feature. Coming together, these websites form a common userbase of content creators. Using a single account, a content creator can publish AMP Stories on multiple websites in the VSN.

Visual Story Builder

It is a one-of-a-kind, professional story development tool available on the open Web. It has been built from scratch, using the latest technologies like Angular 7 and .NET Core 2.1. It is user-friendly, allows for extensive customization and is adaptive for technological advancements in the future.It lets you create content in the visually engaging AMP Stories format. Learn more.

Visual Stories Caters to

  • Business Owners: We provide businesses with a no-code solution to create AMP-optimized websites that are also PWAs. This can help them maximize their reach and boost their business.
  • News Publishers: We give news publishers the means to convert news content into AMP Stories whereby they can leverage this futuristic content format to expand their brand presence. Learn more.
  • Content Marketers, Bloggers: We let content marketers and bloggers guest blog in the AMP Stories format, on one or more websites in the Visual Stories Network. This can help them increase their readership.

Our Team of Professionals

At Buzzle Software Solutions, we are a team of over 80 professional Software Developers, Web Designers, Content Writers, Editors, Graphic Designers, Search Engine Optimizers and Network Administrators.

We offer services like Content Writing, Content Marketing, Graphic Designing, Web and App Development and SEO advice. Promote your products/services uniquely and grow your business by starting an AMP-optimized website with Visual Stories, for free. We would be happy to help.

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