Visual Stories is a multi-tenant, multi-site platform that has a multi-author AMP CMS at its core. It lets you get a Visual Stories blog on your existing website or on a new website without writing a single line of code.

Websites created with us are optimized for mobile, speed and search engine rankings. They use the latest of web technologies like PWA and AMP and have Web Stories as their content format. They have a responsive design that is compatible with all devices. Technical SEO is implemented such that the websites perform better and rank well.

The websites are hosted with Visual Stories. This saves you from the technical complexities of the site’s setup and maintenance and gives you a hassle-free experience. New features and optimizations are implemented automatically.

Multi-tenant : Our platform is multi-tenant and highly scalable. Developers build features that apply to all clients at once. It makes the development process more effective and the service more affordable to each client.

Multi-site : Multiple websites can be created and managed from a single place using the same account.

A No-code Solution : You get a mobile-optimized website with AMP and PWA features, without writing a single line of code. You just need to point your domain/subdomain to our server and leave the technical implementation to us.

Custom Domain : When you start a website with Visual Stories, it can be on a new domain or on a subdomain or in a subfolder of an existing website. You can choose the name of the domain or subdomain on which you wish to have the website created. If a website does not exist on your root domain, you can choose to have your website there itself. If a website already exists on your root domain, you can choose a subdomain or subfolder to start your website.

Progressive Web App (PWA) : The website created with Visual Stories is also a Progressive Web App (PWA). PWAs are responsive websites that behave like a mobile app. They combine the reach and flexibility of the web with the experience that native apps give.

User roles and Editorial Workflow for Teams : A site owner can add his team members or freelancers in different user roles. Multiple collaborators in user roles like writer, editor and media manager, can be added to a website. An editorial workflow means that content submitted on the website can be moderated before publishing it. This gives publishers a way to monitor content quality.

Free Design Themes : Your website created with Visual Stories technology will look like this, with your brand's colors. We provide you with a variety of design themes, from which you can choose one for your website.

Web Stories : On your website, content can be created in the AMP Web Stories format. With our user-friendly Visual Story Builder tool, you can create Stories quite easily, in minutes.

Media Upload : You can upload your own images and videos. They are added to your own media library that is accessible only to you.

Free Media Library : You can access a library of images, vertical videos, SVG and music clips that can be added to your Stories for free.

Technical SEO : Your website is optimized for speed and user engagement with optimizations for speed and mobile, use of AMP, a responsive design and use of SSL. Search engine-friendly features like sitemap, JSON-LD (for schema.org), canonical, related pages and others are integrated by default.

Google Analytics Integration : Integration of Google Analytics helps you track and analyse data about your business. It lets you know what type of content is engaging more users, thus allowing you to revise your content strategy.

GDPR & CCPA: Websites created with Visual Stories technology will have GDPR & CCPA support using amp-geo and amp-consent.

Monetization : You can monetize your website using Google AdSense or Ad Manager.

Common Userbase : Each White Label solution has a userbase of its own. Instead of each website trying to create its own userbase, different websites come together forming a Network, a common userbase of content creators. Content creators too can choose to become contributors of multiple sites from a single place.

Multi-site Content Creation : An author can contribute content to multiple websites from a single place using a single user account.

Guest Blogging: You can allow users to post content on your website and thus get free content. The guest blogging feature allows a website to accept user-generated content. Since your website has an editorial workflow, the content quality can be monitored. Your website has a profile page that looks like this. If Guest Blogging is enabled, the profile page has a button ‘Join as Contributor’, clicking which guest authors can post Stories on your website.

Card-based CMS : Pages can be of different types (web stories, quizzes, topics, etc.). But the content of any page is stored as cards (or blocks). If any card level functionality is to be updated in future it’s very easy for us. Bulk data operations are possible on cards. New functionality can be plugged in easily by adding new Card Types. Due to this, automatic updates of features as well as new features will become available to your website easily and in very less time.

Leverage the Visual Stories platform to increase your reach and visibility. Get Web Stories on your own website or on a new website without any technical hassles and for free.

If you have a website, get the Stories feature on a subdomain or in a subfolder of your website.

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If you don’t have a website yet, you can start a new Web Stories website.

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