Use Cases of Web Stories

Web Stories are a multi-utility content format that helps business owners, content marketers, bloggers, and hobby writers, photographers and artists alike to grow their online presence.

Web Stories make the best
landing pages. pitches. content marketing pages. presentations. blog posts. vision boards.

Web Stories provide the
user experience of social media stories. reach and visibility of the web.

With Visual Stories, you can
create Web Stories on different subjects. start a website with Web Stories. get Web Stories feature on your own website.

Web Stories as Landing Pages

A landing page should impress a user, get him in the zone and compel him to take action. For this, you have to grab user attention. Given the reduced attention spans of modern readers, gripping the user in a few seconds is difficult.

Web Stories solve this difficulty. Owing to their high loading speeds, they impress a user. They have engaging visuals, crisp text, and CTA buttons that blend beautifully with the visual content yet stand out and attract clicks. Web Stories have full-screen content that’s tappable, thus providing an immersive user experience.

Web Stories as Pitches

A pitch is perfect when it convinces a user to take action in less than 90 seconds. Think how easy creating pitches would be if the content format helped you present content in an impressive way and hold user attention.

Web Stories is that content format. These stories are media-rich and fast-loading, tap-through, mobile-focused and user-first. Write your pitch in the Web Stories format and grab your readers’ attention in seconds. The full-bleed images and crisp content in Stories will make the readers stay.

Web Stories as Content Marketing Pages

Your promotional content must be in a format that appeals to the users and makes them take a decision. How about a format that combines the user experience of social media stories and the reach of the web! Web Stories it is.

Being speedy, mobile-focused and visually engaging, they provide an amazing user experience. You can easily embed your product’s images and videos in your stories. You can add CTAs and get backlinks to your website. Moreover, Web Stories are searchable, linkable, and shareable on the web. They can rank on search engines and thus expand your reach.

Web Stories for Advertising

You may wish to announce a new product or service or promote a deal, write about your business or give insights; your ad should load fast and engage your users.

Web Stories, with their less loading time, high user engagement, searchability on the web and flexibility, turn out to be the best mode of advertising. They support single-page ads (each page has an ad with a CTA that links to a landing page) and sponsored story ads (a sponsored story to which traffic is directed from a CTA on a single page ad). Ads are pre-rendered, thus users never see an unloaded ad. Ad density is optimized with content ratio. In Web Stories, ads can be integrated seamlessly.

Web Stories as Presentations

How about presenting your business in a brand new format that’s soon to take over the Internet! Web Stories. They are the perfect format for business presentations as the essential things that a presentation software provides can be achieved with the Stories format as well.

Stories have full-screen visuals (includes videos and images), which help engage the audience. You can add a background music to them, taking user experience a notch higher. You can customize your content and make your Stories look different. What more would you require? So, create your next presentation in the Web Stories format and see the audience engagement soar high.

Web Stories as Blog Posts

Bloggers intend to express themselves in a way that gives them maximum reach and helps them engage more users. Most niches are already saturated. So be it entertainment, motivation or information, making the content stand out is a challenge. Saving readers from information overload and helping bloggers make a mark on the overly saturated web, is a new content format called Web Stories.

As Web Stories are visually engaging and fast-loading, they make your content catchy and fun to read. Since they are search engine-friendly and can rank on search engines, they attract more readers. See Example

Web Stories as Image/Video Galleries

Why stay confined to social media platforms by posting your creative works only there? Why not present your creative side to a global audience and that too in an immersive format!

Web Stories is this content format which scores high on search engine metrics and user engagement. They are web pages which can rank on search engines. They support all standard image, video and audio formats and have high loading speeds. To create Web Stories, you don’t necessarily have to write. You can compile your photographs, paintings, doodles or other art works into Stories. See Example

Web Stories as Vision Boards

Everyone has a bucket list; which could be of places to travel, good habits to adopt, adventure activities to take up or educational, career or fitness goals to achieve.

Web Stories are a great way to create bucket lists or vision boards; you could add relevant videos and images and/or also write your thoughts about achieving what’s visualized. See Example

Create Stories

If you have found your use case in these, start creating Web Stories right away. Sign up with Visual Stories, choose from several categories and create content. On signing up, you will get access to a Story Builder tool with the help of which you can create Stories with ease and in minutes. You get access to a free media library. You can take images and videos from the free library or upload your own, and add them in your Stories. You also get access to a free music library to add a background music to your Stories.

Start creating Stories and be a part of the biggest Web Stories feed on the web.To create Stories in Visual Stories categories, sign up and get started.

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To create Stories on your own website, you can get the Web Stories feature on your website or start a new website with Web Stories.

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