Why AMP Stories is the Best Content Format

Revamp your game and expand your reach with the latest and the best content format - AMP Stories.

Why the Format Matters

Presentation is an often overlooked aspect of content creation. The format is as important as the content itself. Even if the content is really good, if presented as a long-form article lacking visuals, it fails to engage readers. Content that is visually rich, fast-loading and easy to grasp manages to hold user attention. The audiences today have very short attention spans. Hence they prefer content that is divided into snackable bytes and supplemented with engaging visuals.

How About a Format That

  • Makes the reading experience delightful
  • Ensures that content is rightly formatted in byte-sized pieces of text with enthralling visuals
  • Allows users to focus on one piece of information at a time
  • Has immersive content that loads fast, supports smooth animations and gives an easy and interactive navigation
  • Is mobile-first and works equally well across all devices

Well, such a format exists. And it is called AMP Stories.

What are AMP Stories?

Building further on AMP’s technical infrastructure, Google introduced AMP Stories and joined forces with select publishers like CNN, Mashable, Vox, Washington Post, Wired, etc., to test its beta phase. Akin to Snapchat Stories, AMP Stories are mobile-focused, fast-loading and visually engaging. And they are search engine-friendly and meant for the web. This Stories format allows you to put together images, videos and text into a swipeable sequence of slides.

Why Choose AMP Stories?

Owing to the decreasing attention spans and the ever-increasing time constraints, users today are more receptive towards information that is precise, available in small chunks and on the go. A significant amount of people are banking on mobile search results when looking for information. AMP Stories prove to be an interesting development as they are specifically tailored to cater to the needs of mobile users. They have an extraordinary potential to make strides in how mobile content is created and delivered. They harness the concept of visual storytelling to mesmerize audiences.

Visual Storytelling

Visual Storytelling is narrating a story through the use of visual media. It’s about placing your users’ needs first and inspiring them to take action. And in order to cut through the hotchpotch on the web and resonate with modern users, you need to leverage compelling narratives that are strikingly different. The AMP Stories format helps you achieve this. It lets you combine visual elements with concise text in an effective manner that makes users come back. It is Google’s response to the booming Stories trend that has already captured the Internet.

AMP Stories – The Format of the Future?

AMP Stories will give you an opportunity to be discovered by new audiences, thereby increasing your online presence. Once Google starts doubling down on AMP Stories, it will greatly impact the content creation landscape. And with AI being innovatively used in search engine algorithms, user engagement metrics like Time-On-Site and Bounce Rate make for crucial ranking factors. With the perfect blend of the latest technologies and enhanced UX, AMP Stories will perk up the user engagement metrics of your website.

In this fiercely competitive world, it is imperative to be a front runner in your business. Up your game by delivering content in the AMP Stories format. With AMP Stories on the open web, a tectonic shift in the world of content creation and content marketing is imminent. Prepare to pivot!

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