How Visual Stories Can Help You

Start using the AMP Stories format to maximize your reach.

Modern Users

  • Mostly access the web from mobile devices.
  • Are bogged down by information overload.
  • Have less attention spans and very less time.
  • Want instant gratification and quick answers.

Want them to Read Your Story?

  • Be innovative in the way you present it.
  • Tell it quickly, using less words and more visuals.
  • Make it immersive, interactive, easy and effective.

Adopt AMP Stories

Powered by Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) technology, they are Snapchat/Instagram-like Stories, but search engine-friendly and meant for the web. AMP Stories is the best content format as it :

  • Makes reading an immersive and a delightful experience.
  • Wraps content into bytes of succinct text and engaging visuals and loads at a blazing fast speed.
  • Allows users to focus on one piece of information at a time through gripping content and interactive navigation.
  • Is mobile-focused and user-first.

Also see : Benefits of AMP Stories.

How Visual Stories Can Help

Visual Stories helps online businesses and content creators leverage the AMP Stories format to expand their reach.

Have a website already? You can get AMP Stories feature on your own website without any technical hassles and for free.

Get Stories Learn more

Don’t have a website yet? You can start an AMP Stories website for free. The Visual Stories team will help you at every step.

Start an AMP Stories Website Learn more

Are you an Internet marketer or content creator? You can write AMP Stories on multiple categories and websites from a single place.

Create Stories Learn more

With Visual Stories, you can:

  • Get AMP Stories on your website for free.
  • Create AMP Stories in minutes with the help of the one-of-a-kind Story Builder tool. Gain access to a video library of vertical Google Earth videos, and a music library of several audio files that can be added to your Stories for free.
  • Monetize your website and earn from it. We can help you optimize the ads.
  • Get a PWA for your website without writing code.
  • Get content on your website (in the AMP Stories format) written by some of the best writers in the industry. See Content Services.
  • Get the tools and technology for visual blogging.
  • Start for free and upgrade your pricing plan later.

To gain a competitive advantage, make the strategic shift to AMP Stories right away. You are sure to see a boost in search engine rankings and revenue.

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