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What are AMP Stories?

AMP Stories are full-screen, visually rich, immersive user experiences meant to grab the attention of users and keep them enthralled. The fast loading, mobile-focused, visually engaging storytelling format is powered by innovative technology from Google’s popular AMP Project. It is similar to Snapchat and Instagram's Stories format, but AMP Stories are search engine friendly.

These bite-sized Visual Stories go light on text and are replete with visuals to completely immerse the readers through a tappable experience.

The First AMP Story Building Tool

Visual Story Builder is first and the only tooling available openly on the Web for any user to create AMP Stories. The tool has been built from scratch using the latest technologies (Angular 7 and .NET Core 2.1). It is easy to use, allows for extensive customization, and is adaptive for future changes.

Harness Google's AMP technology to create highly engaging Stories. Efficiently design an appealing Visual Story for your content using our Story builder. It's fast, fun and easily customizable.


Writers, marketers, bloggers, artists, photographers, and other content creators can leverage our platform. Here’s how:

A Boon for Writers
This is the platform where your writing prowess takes the center stage. It is aptly supported by a format that lets you create visually rich and quick-loading content. Writing was never this amazing!

A Magic Formula for Marketers
Here's the most exquisite way to promote your products and services. If you are into online marketing, you can do content marketing by publishing AMP Stories on any website on the Visual Stories Network. This service is free. AMP Stories provide a new way to promote your products/services on the Web. Currently, there are 65 websites in the network. More will be added soon.

Visual Training the Tech-savvy Way
If you are into training, here’s the platform you've been waiting for to visually impart your invaluable knowledge to the world. Connect to readers across the globe with our Visual Stories Network. Our AMP Story Builder lets you create crisp and quick-loading stories that are fun to browse. This new content format is sure to attract more readers.

A Bonanza for Bloggers
Tired of the old ways of blogging? Looking for a smarter and more visual way to blog? Here’s a surprise for you which makes your content highly engaging. Our AMP Story Builder helps you enhance user experience as the stories you create are fast-loading, easy-to-use and visually rich. This new way of blogging is sure to get you more readership. And you can get your story ready without having to worry about the technical complexities involved.

A Platform for Photography Enthusiasts
Are you someone who is fond of photography? Use our AMP Story Builder to create your story and you are sure to be impressed by the number of followers you get. You can easily convert your collection of photos into a visual story that is fast-loading and fun-to-browse.

A Canvas for Artists
Do you have a large collection of art? You can use our AMP Story Builder to share it with the world. Create immersive stories or upload your work to our image library and let the world know about your skills in art and design.

A Wonderland for the Wanderlust
Being an avid globe-trotter or an adventurer, you must have traveled across the planet, explored the wildest parts of it and finally wished to share some of those unforgettable memories. We introduce you to our AMP Story Builder using which you can share your travel experiences with the world.

A Stage for Trend Setters
Here’s to the trend setters! You might be looking for a platform where you could exhibit your fashion quotient or give fashion advice to readers around the world. Look no further as we help you with our AMP Story Builder. It lets you create visually appealing and crisp stories in impressively less time.

A Treat for Food Connoisseurs
If you are a foodie who loves to write about food, or if cooking is your hobby, and you would like to share your recipes with the world, use our AMP Story Builder. Your story will come out as a visual treat which the readers are sure to feast upon.

An Image Library You Can’t Afford to Miss

Our AMP Story Builder comes with a huge image library of 500,000 plus images that will enhance your content with stunning visuals. Every day, hundreds of new images are added to this library and all are free for you to use. Also, coming soon is a video library of visually pleasing, continuous looping, fast-loading video clips to use as background fills in your stories. An audio library of melodious background music clips for your stories is also soon to arrive.

The Visual Stories Network

We already have thousands of Stories on 65 early-adopter websites. Even you can publish Stories on any of these websites.

So what are you waiting for? Integrate your content into the AMP Story format and create fast-loading and immersive stories in no time. A whole new world of “story-telling” is just a click away.

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