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Visual Stories makes it easy to monetize your website. We use AMP Ads which ensure that the ads render faster and do not affect web page loading, resulting in higher publisher revenue. As stated in the AMP Conference 2019, Speed translates to Revenue. Here’s more on AMP Ads.

Your website can be monetized with AdSense (on articles) and Publisher Served Ads (on AMP Stories). AMP Stories will be monetizable with DFP and AdSense in the near future. AMP Story Ads are immersive and full-screen. The ads load fully in the background and are displayed only when the user reaches that particular page. This ensures that the content in your Story is not disturbed. For more details, see :

To start monetizing your website, you'll need to get an Adsense account. We'll guide you on how to get one. Once you get an Adsense account, we will then use it to put ads on your website in an optimized way. Google identifies your website’s content and displays relevant ads. Each time a user clicks on the advertisement placed on the website, you earn. As explained in the AMP Conference 2019, here is how monetization will help your website generate more revenue.

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