Niches for Guest Posting

Here’s your guide to selecting the right website to submit your stories. The following sections will tell you about the categories in VSN, the websites that fall under each category and the subjects they cover.

If you’ve written a story about pets or their care, submit it on PetPonder. Stories about cats and dogs should be submitted on CatAppy and DogAppy respectively. Write-ups on facts and trivia about birds should be submitted on BirdEden. If you want to write about animals from across the globe, AnimalSake is the website to guest post. If you have stories that spread environmental awareness, submit them on HelpSaveNature.

If the subject of your story is biology, submit it on BiologyWise. If it’s human anatomy, submit it on Bodytomy, if it’s astronomy, submit it on UniverSavvy and if it’s about any other field of science, ScienceStruck is the website it should go on. Techspirited is the right choice to submit stories about anything technology while WheelZine should be your choice when submitting a story on automobiles.

Submit guest posts about food cuisines on Tastessence and those about diet and nutrition on NutriNeat. UStravelia and Vacayholics are the right choice of websites for guests posts about travel. Thrillspire is the right website for stories about adventure.

If you have some exercise routines or healthy living mantras to share, submit your stories on FitnessVigil or WellnessKeen. SportsAspire covers the entire spectrum of sports activities. HealthHearty is for guest posts about health advice, HerHaleness is dedicated to female health care and pregnancy while HolisticZine is for blog posts about alternative medicine and holistic healing. To submit guest posts about the importance of sleep quality, choose SleepHearty.

You can submit posts on topics right from makeup must-haves, tricks and tips to the latest fashion trends and styles on BeautiSecrets and Fashionhance, respectively. MenWit is dedicated to grooming tips and lifestyle advice for men. NailArtMag and HairGlamourista accept guest posts on nail art and designs, and hairstyles and hair care respectively. ThoughtfulTattoos is about tattoo designs and body art.

Submit stories on everything under the ambit of business ideas, tips and advice on BusinessZeal. MarketingWit is dedicated to marketing tips and techniques. Stories on finance and wealth management tips are accepted on WealthHow. WorkSpirited is about work motivation, organizational culture, and employee management tips. Voice your opinions on political and social concerns through stories and submit them on OpinionFront. For guest posts about education and career advice, choose EduZenith and CareerStint respectively.

If you have ideas for birthday parties, gifts and themes, write about them on BirthdayFrenzy. CelebrationJoy is for stories on celebrations around the world. To submit stories about party planning, come to PartyJoys. Guest blog about gifting ideas for every occasion on GiftinGlory. Wedessence is meant for stories about weddings.

Submit guest posts about various aspects of art, art history and artists on ArtHearty; to post stories on craft ideas and DIY, come to CraftCue. Submit posts about hobby ideas and recreational activities on HobbyZeal and Plentifun. To submit stories about photography or share amazing photographs from your collection, come to PhotograFeed.

If you wish to submit posts on zodiac signs and astrological compatibility, come to AstrologyBay. For guest posts on crystal healing and other things mystic, choose CrystalBenefits and Mysticurious respectively. If you wish to share your spiritual experiences or write about faith, choose SpiritualRay.

Write about movies and TV series or the lives of celebrities on Entertainism. DancePoise accepts guest posts about dance forms and styles. Melodyful accepts guest posts about music.

DecorDezine accepts guest posts on home decor and interior design ideas. HomeQuicks is about home hacks and DIYs. Gardenerdy is for the gardening enthusiasts, where they can share gardening tips and ideas in the form of stories.

Write guest posts on Penlighten, a website that focuses on literature and writing. To submit quotes and sayings about the different aspects of life, choose Quotabulary. To submit guest posts about historical events and world culture, choose Historyplex.

To submit stories about parenting advice or to share your experiences about child care, choose AptParenting. For stories on love, relationships and dating advice, choose LoveBondings. Write about human psychology, personality traits and behaviour on PsycholoGenie. SocialMettle focuses on communication, interpersonal skills and socializing.

If you wish to share stories about personal improvement and motivation, guest post on MissionSelf.

Do not submit the same story on multiple websites. Choose the one it best fits on.
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