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Create Stories in one or more categories of Visual Stories. They range from animals and nature to travel and technology and from literature and humor to science, health, finance and many more. Sign up and you will be able to post content on any of these niches. Select the right category and start creating Stories with the help of our easy-to-use and feature-rich Story Builder tool. The following sections enlist the categories of Visual Stories and the niches they cover. These categories are websites in themselves; each website on a different niche.

If you’ve written a story about pets or their care (dogs, cats or any other pet animal), select Pets as the category. If you have written a story about animals or birds, Animals is the right category to post your content. If your story is about environmental awareness, post it in the Nature category.

If the subject of your story is human anatomy, submit it in the Human Body category. If you are writing in the astronomy niche, select the Space category to post your story. For a story related to any other field of science, select the Science category.

If you have written a story about mobile phones, accessories or any other gadgets, post it in the Gadgets category. If you have written about games or the gaming industry, Games should be the selected category. For stories about social media trends, select the Social Media category. Tech is the right choice of category to submit stories about anything technology while Autos should be your choice when submitting a story on automobiles.

Submit guest posts about food cuisines in Food and those about diet and nutrition in the Nutrition category. Travel is the right choice of niche website for stories about travel and vacations. Adventure is the right niche website for stories about adventure.

If you have some exercise routines or healthy living mantras to share, submit your stories in Fitness and Healthy Living categories. Sports covers the spectrum of sports activities. The Health category is for stories about health advice as well as physical and mental well-being. Alternative Medicine is for content about holistic healing and complementary medicine.

You can create stories on topics right from makeup must-haves, nail art and hairstyles in Beauty category and stories about fashion trends in the Style category. Men’s Den is dedicated to grooming tips and lifestyle advice for men. Tattoos is about tattoo designs and body art.

Submit stories on everything under the ambit of business ideas, tips and advice in the Business category. The Marketing category is dedicated to marketing tips and techniques. Stories on finance and wealth management should be posted in the category Money. The category Work is about work motivation, organizational culture, and employee management. Voice your opinions on political and social concerns through stories and post them in the Opinion category. For stories about education and career advice, choose the Education and Careers categories respectively.

If your story is about party ideas for any occasion, post it in the Parties category. Holidays is for stories on celebrations around the world. Stories about gift ideas for every occasion should be posted in the Gifts category. Select the Weddings category for stories about weddings.

Submit guest posts about various aspects of art, art history and artists in the Arts category. To post stories on craft ideas and DIY, select Crafts. Create stories about hobby ideas in Hobbies and about fun games and recreational activities in the Fun category. To post stories about photography or share amazing photographs from your collection, select Photography.

If you wish to submit stories on zodiac signs and astrological compatibility, come to Astrology For stories about pseudosciences and paranormal phenomena, Mystery should be your choice of category. If you wish to share your spiritual experiences or write about faith, select Spirituality as the category.

Write about movies and TV series or the lives of celebrities in the Entertainment category. For stories about dance forms and styles, select Dance as the category, and for stories about music, select Music as the category.

Interior Decor is the right category for stories about home decor and interior design ideas. Home Hacks is for stories about house cleaning, organization and home repair. Select the Gardening category for stories about gardening and landscaping ideas.

Write stories about literature and writing in the Literature category. To post quotes and sayings about the different aspects of life, choose the Quotes category. For funny quotes, jokes and all things hilarious, select the category Humor. For stories about historical events and world culture, choose History.

To submit stories about parenting advice or to share your experiences about child care, choose the Parenting category. For stories on love, relationships and dating advice, choose the Relationships category. Write about human psychology, personality traits and behaviour in Psychology.

If you wish to share stories about personal improvement and motivation, create stories in the Self Improvement category.

With the easy-to-use Story creation tool and with so many niches to choose from, won’t it be fun to create Stories? What’s more; Stories in some niches have started ranking in the Visual Stories carousel on Google’s first page. There’s a category for almost every subject you can think of, and signing up once will allow you to create as many Stories as you like in any of the categories.

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