Scale Your Online Business with User Generated Content

Enable guest blogging on your site. Guest blog on other sites. Scale your business to a new level.

Visual Stories serves as an excellent platform for guest blogging thus helping you to scale your online business. If you have a website with Visual Stories, you can enable guest blogging on the website, thus allowing writers around the world to contribute content to your website. And you can guest blog on different websites and get backlinks to your website, thus helping you promote your business effectively.

Enable Guest Blogging on Your Website

  • Have a website with Visual Stories?
  • Go to Manage Web App. Enable Guest Blogging feature.
  • This way, writers will be able to join as contributor and create content on your website.
  • When guest blogging in enabled, your website profile page (Example: ) will have a button ‘Join as Contributor’. Clicking which, authors will be able to sign up and write content for your website.
  • Your website will have an editorial workflow, whereby content by authors will go through an editorial process. Those (in your team) you assign editorial roles will be able to edit and approve or disapprove of the content submitted on your website.
  • The editorial process will help you ensure high-quality content on your website. And allowing multiple writers to contribute will help you scale the website’s content and expand your reach.

Guest Blog on Websites in the VSN

  • You as the owner of a website with Visual Stories, can join as contributor to one or more websites in the Visual Stories Network (VSN).
  • Click Create Stories, join one or more websites (relevant to your niche) and start creating content. Include backlinks to your website and promote your business.
  • So, apart from writing for your own website, you can also guest blog on other websites that will thus serve as your content marketing platforms.

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