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Get content written in the top-of-the-line AMP Stories format and experience a surge in user engagement.

Users today demand an enhanced digital experience across all mediums. This demand is radically changing how content is created, thereby giving content services the high ground. It is vital that your content is spot-on and has the potential to convince your audience of your product/service. That’s exactly why your content needs to be influential and informative enough to build your audience’s trust and involvement, and in a format that is strikingly different from long-form articles.

We can provide you with content in the highly engaging, fast-loading and unique format which is AMP Stories.

  • Get AMP Stories written for as less as $30 per story.
  • Images and video clips included as required by content.
  • Get a video made from the same AMP Story for $15 extra.

Writing and Posting

We can create content for you in AMP Stories format. The look and feel of these pages will be remarkably different from the conventional web pages. The content will be highly immersive, visually narrative and well-written. The Stories will be search engine-optimized, backed by an editorial workflow and tailored to your business requirements. Get AMP Stories written from some of the best writers in the industry. They will be guest posted on relevant high-authority websites with do-follow links to your website.

Rate for AMP Stories: $30 per story.

Visual Blog

You can start an AMP Stories blog on or on a subdomain of your existing website like All you have to do is point the subdomain to our servers. The entire setup will be taken care of by our technical team.Get AMP Stories feature on your website without writing a single line of code, and for free. On the blog, we will write 5 Stories and hand over the blog to you.

Start an AMP Stories Blog for Free

The Content Marketing Package

Highlights of this package:

  • We will guest post AMP Stories on high-authority websites listed here. Stories will be posted on one or more of these websites where relevant, with do-follow links to your website.
  • We will set up a blog for you on either or
  • On the blog, we will write 5 Stories and hand over the blog to you for writing further.
  • You can place a minimum order of 7 Stories.

Our complete package consists of a webapp that harnesses cutting-edge technologies and amazing content that's written in the AMP Stories format.

Contact Us to know more.

Get Sponsored Stories Written

Expand your reach by getting sponsored stories written in the AMP Stories format. Charges will be $30 per Story. A sponsored story could also serve as the landing page for your website. Get Sponsored Stories written.

High-authority Websites With AMP Stories

Powered by AMP technology, AMP Stories score high on performance and user engagement metrics. Here are the high-authority websites on which we will post AMP Stories promoting your product/service. Together they are a strong network of websites (that are Progressive Web Apps as well) known as the Visual Stories Network (VSN) and they form a common userbase.

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