Serve Your Clients Better Using Visual Stories

Start a Web Stories blog for your clients and earn from the services you provide.

Looking for an effective way to
earn more clients? retain your customers? improve customer satisfaction?

Help your clients
increase brand awareness. generate more leads. achieve a higher conversion rate.

Get your clients to adopt 'Web Stories' because they
can rank on Google's 1st page. score high on performance and user engagement metrics. prove to be the perfect promotional technique.

Help your clients adopt Web Stories; a content format that scores high on user engagement and search engine metrics, moreover, has a great potential to rank on Google's 1st page. Use our NoCode White Label Solution to serve your clients better. If your client has a website already, start a Web Stories blog on his existing website. If he does not have a website, create a new Web Stories blog for him. Earn from the services you provide.

Visual Stories gives a no-code solution to harness the AMP Web Stories format by starting a new website with this feature or getting the feature on one's existing website in a few simple steps. Complete these steps for your clients and present them with a fully functional website, hosted, fully managed and optimized for speed, mobile, and search engine rankings. This website will also be a Progressive Web App (PWA) and will receive automatic feature updates. It will have Web Stories as its content format.

The biggest advantage of Visual Stories is that Web Stories can be leveraged on one's website without any technical hassles. And adopting Web Stories is the way forward as they feature in a dedicated section on the first page of Google search results, and being fast-loading and visually engaging they easily win user attention.

Your clients will be happy to get a ready-made website started by you. Provide them with your services on this website. These may include content writing and editing services, SEO services, graphic designing services, web development, content marketing services, among others.

Assess the requirements of your clients and serve them accordingly.

If your client has a website, get a PWA of Web Stories on a subdomain of his website by following the steps given here:

Get a PWA of Web Stories Learn More

If your client does not have a website, create a PWA of Web Stories for him by following the steps given here:

Create a PWA of Web Stories Learn More

The Visual Stories tech team will guide you at every step if required. So don't worry about the technical implementation of Web Stories for your clients. Get their website started and earn from the services you provide. You will surely have more satisfied clients.

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