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We offer a full spectrum of services to help publishers expand their reach, increase audience engagement and maximize ad revenue.

CMS: Our multi-author, multi-tenant and multi-site CMS is highly scalable. It is the only CMS that supports creating Web Stories (previously called AMP Stories). It also supports AMP-paired articles. Pages can be of different types such as articles, stories, homepage, topics, boards, about) and the content on any page is stored as cards (or blocks).

AMP-Optimized Website

With Visual Stories, you can start an AMP-optimized website, which harnesses the latest web technologies like AMP and PWA. Technical SEO is implemented and the website has a responsive design. It scores high in terms of search engine metrics and user engagement metrics. Google analytics integration helps you track business data. The setup, hosting and maintenance is handled by Visual Stories which means you require no coding skills. And that too, you can get started for free. Your website can be on a new domain, or on a subdomain or in a subfolder of your existing website.

On a New Domain: If you don’t have a website yet, starting one with Visual Stories is one of the best business decisions you would take. We give you a no-code solution to create a website for free.
To start a Web Stories website, visit Create a PWA of Web Stories.

On a Subdomain of an Existing Website: If you have a well-established website, you can still get all the features of an AMP-optimized website, but on a subdomain of your website (like stories.yourwebsite.com).

In a Subfolder of an Existing Website: You can get Web Stories feature in a subfolder/subdirectory of your website (like yourwebsite.com/stories).

For more information about getting Web Stories feature on a subdomain or in a subfolder of your website, see Get Web Stories Blog on Your Website.
To get Stories feature on your website, visit Get a PWA of Web Stories on Your Website.


A website created with Visual Stories is also a Progressive Web App (PWA). PWAs combine the visibility and reach of the web with the user experience of a native app. Get a PWA for your website without requiring any coding skills.

Graphic Designing

You can get the logos for your website and PWA created from some of the best graphic designers. They will create multiple logo options for you to select from, so that the logo and colors perfectly fit your website's requirement.


You can earn with your website by monetizing it with AdSense. If you need an AdSense account, we can help you with the procedure of getting one.

Revenue Sharing

You can choose our RevShare plan, to avoid paying a monthly fees. In RevShare plan, you'll need to link your AdSense account to ours. Once our AdSense account are linked the revenue will be shared through AdSense. For details, see : RevShare plan.

Web Stories

Our CMS supports the creation of Web Stories. When you start a website with us, it has the Web Stories feature. Also see:

Visual Story Builder

We have a one-of-a-kind Story Builder tool that lets you create Web Stories without spending much time or effort. This tool has been built from scratch using high-end technologies, is fully mobile-compatible, and has an intutive interface, a WYSIWYG editor, drag-and-drop feature and extensive customization options.

Free Media Libraries

The Story Builder gives you free access to a media library of images, videos, SVG and music files that can be added in your Stories.

Guest Blogging

Websites can enable the Guest Blogging feature and open up to accept user generated content (UGC). The content goes through an editorial workflow which helps publishers monitor its quality. For details, see: How to Scale Your Business with UGC.

Multi-site Content Creation

Users can submit content to multiple high-authority websites using a single account. For details, see: Content Marketing with Web Stories.

Content Distribution

News publishers can use the Web Stories format to write or repurpose their content. For details, see: News Content Distribution.

Guidance for Story Creation

A free online training will be conducted for you and your team. It will include guidance on using the Story Builder tool and also include guidelines on how to write Stories that rank in search engines and boost user engagement.

Content Services

You can get Web Stories written on your website from some of the best writers in the industry. This is a paid service. For details, go through Content Services.

Audience Development

The website you start with us is optimized for speed, mobile and search engine rankings. Plus, you can use Web Stories as its content format. Web Stories being fast-loading, visually engaging and mobile-focused, score high on user engagement metrics. Moreover, Web Stories have started ranking on the 1st page of Google. See details.

SEO Guidance

Web Stories present a huge SEO opportunity, as they have a dedicated section in Google search results. The website you start with us has the Web Stories feature. Technical SEO is implemented on your website, and it is optimized for speed, mobile, and search rankings. Search engine-friendly features like sitemap, JSON-LD (for schema.org), canonical, related pages and others, are integrated by default.

Boost Conversion Rates

We also offer services like content optimization, SEM, digital marketing and social media marketing to help you boost conversion rates.

Leverage the futuristic Web Stories format to expand your reach. Make that strategic shift, right now.

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