Rank in the ‘Visual Stories’ Section in Google

Grab the opportunity to rank in the Visual Stories section on Google’s first page. Publish content in the AMP Stories format.

With Google, it's getting harder than ever to draw organic search traffic. Fortunately, AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is a sure way to bring in an influx of it for free. AMP Stories now have a dedicated section in Google Search Results, making them a great SEO opportunity.

Visual Stories Section in Google Search Results

On Google mobile search results you might have come across a new section called "Visual Stories".

Notice the "Visual Stories" section in the screenshot.

The web pages listed in there are called Visual Stories or AMP Stories.

AMP Stories are Snapchat/Instagram like stories but the difference is that they are web pages and hence get indexed in search engines. They are powered by a technology called AMP that was created by Google. Google Search Results have started featuring AMP Stories in a dedicated section. See screenshots below.

Wish to Rank in There?

We can help you with the tools required to create such Visual Stories. Our Story Builder is a user-friendly and feature-rich tool that lets you create Stories in minutes. You get free access to a media library of vertical Google Earth videos and music files that can be added in your Stories. Learn More:

By signing up with VisualStories, you can create Stories on any of its categories or on one of the several websites in its network.

And if you wish to start a Visual Stories blog on your own website or start a new website with Visual Stories, we provide you with a hassle-free solution with complete technical support to get your Stories blog successfully started.

Disclaimer : This page is not intended to promise rankings, as we are fully aware that Google rankings cannot be guaranteed. The search engine uses hundreds to quality metrics to determine the ranking of a page. AMP Stories is a winning content format in terms of speed and user experience which are two important ranking parameters.

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