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Publish your news content in the Web Stories format and boost your readership and revenue.

The shelf-life of a news story is very short. A few minutes are enough for the ‘latest’ news to turn ‘stale’. So, as a news publisher, your main aim should be to expand your reach and achieve effective distribution of your content. This way, maximum readers can consume your news story before it gets old. It's equally important to make your content worthy of sharing. For this, it needs to be presented in a format that modern readers would love. Web Stories it is. Now imagine creating an additional revenue stream through your news content. Sounds like an unmissable opportunity? Well, it is. To grab it early,

Get Web Stories on Your News Website

Write news content in the Web Stories format. Being highly engaging, fast-loading and mobile-focused, these Stories take reader experience a notch higher. Also, Google has introduced a Visual Stories carousel in search, which further increases the ranking potential of news content written in this format. Web Stories can rank on Google’s 1st page. Leverage Web Stories to expand your brand presence and reach. News giants like BBC, CNN and The Washington Post have already done it. Even you should.

As an extension of Google's AMP Project, Web Stories (formerly known as AMP Stories), were launched with a few news media partners, thus providing publishers with new ways of storytelling to boost user engagement. With features like high loading speeds, rich visuals and crisp content, these Stories guarantee an immersive user experience. They are mobile-focused and full-screen. They look like Instagram and Snapchat stories, but are meant for the web. Learn more in: Advantages of Web Stories.

Plus, content written in the Stories format has higher chances of ranking in search engines. These visually rich and light-on-text Stories score high on web performance metrics, increase time-on-site and attract more return visitors. Google has started showing a dedicated Web Stories carousel in its search results, which means they are a huge SEO opportunity. So, you should adopt this new content format at the right time. And the time is now.

Repurpose your news content into Web Stories, before it expires, and get a share in the revenue. Currently, we are using Publisher Served Ads. Keep 100% revenue from these ads, until AdSense launches ads for Web Stories and we implement them. When we implement AdSense and/or DoubleClick ads, our revenue share will begin. You also have the option to use your own AdSense account for revenue sharing, by isolating your content to a subdomain (because only 1 AdSense account can be used on one website/subdomain).

You will be taking a higher share of the revenue if you bear the CDN hosting cost of media files (images and videos) and/or provide URLs of media already hosted by you. Our tech team will handle the implementation. While we'll try to automate fetching content from you, if there's any writing/editing work to be done, we are considering that your team will do it. If you need our team's help, the revenue share will differ accordingly. We can help you collaborate with writers who are experts in writing Visual Web Stories.

Visual storytelling will take news journalism to a whole new level. So don't wait any longer to get Web Stories on your website.

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