Benefits of AMP Stories

AMP Stories is the content format you need to adopt right now.

"Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell."  - Seth Godin

Powered by Google's AMP Project, AMP Stories are similar to those you find on Snapchat and Instagram but they are meant for the web. They score high on web performance as well as user engagement metrics, and prove to be a futuristic content format that's set to rule the web.

Using the AMP Stories format, you can do away with text-heavy content and engage your readers with vivid visuals, captivating animations and videos. This makes Stories look strikingly different from traditional web pages. Since readers prefer visuals over text, the visually rich AMP Stories perfectly fit their needs.

Though media-rich, AMP Stories are fast-loading. They load almost instantly, making them score high on performance metrics. Users leave a page that does not load speedily, which makes high page speeds the need of the hour. As AMP Stories are quick-loading, they attract more readers.

In the recent years, users have migrated from desktop to mobile. AMP Stories are optimized for the mobile web. They are full-screen and tap-through, giving users an immersive experience. They are mobile-focused but look equally beautiful on multiple devices.

Being quick-to-load and visually appealing, AMP Stories achieve effective audience engagement. They lead to a high time-on-site and low bounce rates. They attract natural links and shares, which translate as a positive signal for search engine rankings. Google is expected to start showing a Visual Stories carousal soon, which means that content written in the AMP Stories format will have high chances of ranking on competitive keywords. Thus, AMP Stories have a huge SEO advantage.

In the AMP Stories format, writing is structured in highly readable snippets and engaging visuals that occupy the full screen on any mobile device. With a consistently smooth and interactive navigation, AMP Stories hold user attention and make the content easier to consume. Plus, having more visuals and less text, they save readers from information overload.

Since AMP Stories have more visuals and less text, they save a content creator from the effort of writing lengthy articles. From the technical aspect too, AMP Stories are easy to create, as this format has preset, flexible layout templates, standardized UI controls and components for sharing. Since they allow the addition of interactive elements like buttons and videos, they give plenty of scope for one's creativity.

Content is more effective when presented in the form of a good story. And a story becomes all the more engaging when enhanced with visuals. AMP Stories harness visual storytelling and thus turn out to be a brilliant way to expand your reach and boost revenue.

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