Benefits of AMP Stories

"Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell."  - Seth Godin

How AMP Stories can help your business

Things to ponder:

  • AMP Stories is a new content format and a new way of content marketing.
  • AMP Stories are visually appealing and look strikingly different from traditional web pages. Just being different is a big thing in digital marketing.
  • They are mobile-centric but also look good on multiple devices.
  • Readers want crisp and visually appealing content. The AMP Stories format is a perfect fit for writing such content.
  • Unlike Snapchat or Instagram stories, AMP stories are shareable across sites and apps, thus providing widespread audience for your business.
  • AMP Stories provide a huge advantage in SEO.

We believe the real potential of AMP Stories can be felt once Google starts showing Stories carousel in SERPs in 2019. You can leverage a lot of traffic by the time competition catches up. It'd be easy to rank on high-traffic keywords until others create Stories on those keywords.

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