What are Web Stories?

AMP Web Stories are a fast-loading, visually engaging, mobile-focused and user-first content format with a high potential to rank in search engines.

Web Stories are
visual narratives. mobile-focused, immersive, tap-through. linkable.

Web Stories
can be shared and embedded across the web. offer robust advertising opportunities. combine images, videos, music and animations. support analytics. have bookend capabilites.

Adopt these ‘Visual’ Stories to
expand your reach. boost user engagement. get found on Google.

Web Stories (AMP Stories) is a futuristic content format that will soon rule the Internet. As these Stories are fast-loading, visually appealing and mobile-focused, they lead to an increase in user engagement. Also, they have started appearing in the Visual Stories section in Google search results. Thus content created in the Web Stories format, has the opportunity to rank on Google’s first page. Notice the red arrows in the screenshots below. They point to Stories of Visual Stories client websites.

What is AMP?

The AMP Project is Google’s step forward in their ever-going quest to make the web more friendly for the mobile audience. With AMP, you can have a user-first, mobile website that loads near instantaneously, and works on any browser. An AMP website means higher loading speeds, greater visibility, a boost in rankings and better ad support.

Advantages of AMP

Speed: AMP Pages have only the essential HTML which is why they load at very high speeds.

User Engagement: A slow page drives users away while fast-loading pages grip users. Which is why AMP pages that load speedily score high on user engagement.

Search Engine Rankings: Fast pages are preferred by search engines for ranking, which is why AMP pages have a greater possibility to rank.

Better Ad Support: With AMP, ads can be served in a faster and safer way.

What are AMP Web Stories?

Previously known as AMP Stories, Web Stories are Snapchat and Instagram-like Stories meant for the web. While Instagram Stories are deleted after 24 hours, Web Stories stay forever on the web. Unlike Snapchat or Instagram Stories, Web Stories are not confined to a single eco-system. They are indexed by search engines and can rank in search results. They are fast-loading, visually engaging, mobile-focused, tap-through, and user-first.

Why to Adopt Web Stories?

Google has introduced a Visual Stories carousel on the first page of its search results. The pages in this carousel are Web Stories (previously known as AMP Stories). Thus, content written in the Web Stories format has a great potential to rank on the first page of Google.

Web Stories are immersive and they load at blinding speeds. They are visually rich and light on text, thus providing a great user experience. Hence they score high on user engagement metrics. Users spend more time on these pages, which leads to an increase in dwell time and decrease in bounce rate. Due to these factors related to user behavior, along with high page speeds, Web Stories score high on search engine metrics as well.

They are poised to be the future of the web and are here to stay. So it’s only right that every online entity; individual or business, adopts this content format at the earliest.

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How Visual Stories Can Help

Visual Stories gives you a tool to create Web Stories and a no-code, hassle-free solution to integrate the Web Stories feature on your website. The Visual Story Builder is a Web Story creation tool which is feature-rich and free to use, with the help of which Stories can be created on multiple categories and websites in the Visual Stories Network, or on your own website. By taking the no-code solution provided by Visual Stories, you can start a Web Stories blog on a subdomain of your website or on a subdomain of VisualStories.


Or you can simply sign up with VisualStories and post content in one or more categories of your choice. The Visual Stories categories range from animals, travel and self-improvement to sports, interior decor, technology and many more. Get visitors for your Stories, and an opportunity to rank in the Visual Stories carousel in Google search results. You will have an author profile like this.

You may be a blogger, writer, content marketer, website owner, an online business or a social media user, you have a good reason to adopt Web Stories. Don’t you?

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