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If you have been putting off starting a website of your own because you think it is too much of a bother, here’s your chance to create one without having to pull out your hair. Visual Stories’ website builder lets you create a top-notch website that will stand out from the millions of websites that reside on the World Wide Web, for free!

Backed up with state-of-the-art technologies like AMP and PWA, the website you create with Visual Stories will be optimized for speed, mobile and search engine rankings. It will be a Progressive Web App (PWA) by design, i.e, a responsive website that behaves like a mobile app.

SEO features like sitemap, JSON-LD, canonical will be integrated such that the website ranks well in Google searches. Google Analytics integration will help you track your business’s data and provide insights to revise your strategy. And the best part? You will get all this without requiring any coding skills on your part! The website will be hosted on a new domain or a subdomain of Visual Stories. The only thing you need to do is to point your domain or subdomain to our servers and leave the rest to us. We will handle everything from the site’s setup to its maintenance. The underlying technologies will keep updating without you having to worry about it. You will get a variety of design themes to choose from for your website. The website you create with us will look like this, with your brand’s colors.

It’s not just the technical aspects that are taken care of. The content of the website will be in the form of AMP Stories, a visually rich, futuristic content format akin to Instagram/Snapchat Stories that have captivated the Internet. These fast-loading, immersive user experiences will work wonders for increasing your website traffic by attracting users like a magnet. You can create AMP Stories easily with our AMP Story Builder. You can also have AMP-paired articles on your website in addition to AMP Stories. Our user-friendly tool also lets you create content in form of articles.

Currently, the websites are monetized with AdSense (on articles) and Publisher-served ads (on AMP Stories). We can also help you optimize the ads on your websites so that you get maximum returns.


You can create a website for free and upgrade your plan later. Have a look at our pricing plans and opt for the one that suits you the best.

Create a Website for Free

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