Work from Home and Earn with Zero Investment

Create web apps for your clients and earn from the services you give, or start your own website, create content and earn from the ads.

Amid the Covid-19 crisis, find a new way to
earn. work from home. use your skills online.

Use the Visual Stories platform to
start an online business. serve your clients. earn while working from home.

Create a source of income from
a website with Visual Stories. the services you provide to clients. the ads on your website.

There are no hidden charges here. This is a real zero-investment way to earn online, working from the comfort of your home. Create web apps for your clients and earn from the services you provide, or start your own website, create content, and earn from the ads.

This is like starting your own small business online. Using the Visual Stories platform, you can create a web app for your client and give him services on the site or you can start your own website, create content and earn from the ads on your site. Starting the website requires no coding skills. You can start one in just 3 steps.

You won't have to worry about the setup, hosting and maintenance of the website. It will harness the latest of technologies like AMP and PWA. It will be optimized for mobile, speed and search engine rankings, and receive automatic feature updates. Most importantly, this website will have Web Stories as its content format. Content in this format is visually engaging, fast-loading and can rank on Google's 1st page.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, a global economic meltdown is looming. You may be experiencing a loss of income or shortage of funds already. Landing a new job may not be easy now. Moreover, working from home will be the safest option in the post-Covid world. So grab this opportunity to start a website and earn online. Act now.

Create Websites for Your Clients and Earn from the Services

  • Create web apps for your clients without writing a single line of code and for free. You don't have to be a developer to be able to create websites.
  • Provide the clients with services on their sites. The services may include content marketing, content writing and editing, SEO, graphic designing, web designing, and digital marketing, among others. For giving the services, you can use your skills or collaborate with people who have relevant skills. Charge your clients for the services you give.

Create Your Own Website and Earn from the Ads

  • Create your own website in 3 simple steps and for free. No coding skills will be required.
  • Create Web Stories on your site. Preferably select one niche for your website and create content based on subjects in that niche.
  • When you have a good amount of content on your website, get your own AdSense account on the site. When Google introduces AdSense ads in Web Stories, you will start earning from the ads on your website.
  • Get started for free. When AdSense ads are introduced, take the RevShare option and earn a share in the ad revenue.

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