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Web Stories Platform

Multi-site, multi-author blogging with single dashboard.

All-in-one white label solution to launch your own web story builder, multi-tenant website builder, content platform and social network. No coding skills required.

Web Stories

Build an ever-growing online platform by harnessing a modern content format: Web Stories.

Convert your websites into traffic magnets by creating Web Stories, a new highly effective SEO method to generate leads:

  • Web Stories
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    are the new way to easily get on 1st page of Google search results
  • Google Discover now has a Web Stories carousel

Google drives several times more traffic to websites than all social media combined. Ranking on Google is of utmost importance but very challenging. Web Stories, a new content format created by Google, is the latest SEO method that makes it super easy to get the coveted 1st page rankings, even for popular high traffic keywords.

Web Stories can get you a surge in web traffic because they get featured:

Ranking in these sections is comparatively easy because websites are yet to adopt this new content format.

AMP Web Stories are:
  • Instagram-like stories
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  • search engine friendly
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  • visually appealing
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  • highly engaging
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  • fast-loading
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  • compatible on all devices from mobile to desktop
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  • powered by Google's AMP technology
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  • the best content format  
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  • loaded with many more benefits

One-Stop No-Code Solution

Empower all your and clients' websites with Web Stories, and manage everything from a single dashboard. Here are all the tools you’ll ever need, power-packed in an all-in-one white label solution:

  • Web Stories builder: WYSIWYG editor to use for your sites or provide your own no-code solution to clients.
  • Web App builder: Your own branded website and PWA builder.
    • Create unlimited web apps. Allow clients to create blogs visually.
    • Integrate Web Stories in existing websites without disturbing their structure, by adding blog on their subdomain or subfolder.
  • Blogging Network: Build a Medium/Tumblr/Blogger-like multi-domain blogging network and content platform.
  • Social Network: As you build sites, your platform site turns into a fully automated community platform... your own Instagram of Web Stories!
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Web Stories builder with your
branding. domains. logo.

Provide your own
White Label No-Code DIY
Web Stories solution.

Start your own Web Stories based
Website building services. Content Writing services. Content Marketing services. SEO services.

Web Story Builder

Provide your own no-code DIY solution with a white label feature-rich AMP Web Stories builder.

  • WYSIWYG editor
  • Mobile-compatible
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  • Templates
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    • Blocks
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    • Text Sets
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    • Change Template
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  • Technical SEO
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  • Image and Video libraries
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  • Stickers and Icons libraries
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  • Music library
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  • Quiz
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  • Poll
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  • Export to reuse as Instagram Stories
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  • Highly productive
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  • Publishing Workflow
    • Multi-author blogging.
    • Editorial workflow for teams.
    • Multiple collaborators in user roles like Writer, Editor, Moderators and Manager.
    • Editors and Moderators can monitor content quality.
  • Story Widget

Google Review

  • Visually create stunning Web Stories in minutes.
  • Device agnostic: mobile and desktop compatible tool
  • Modern UX, user friendly and highly productive
  • Templates library: Fully customizable winsome templates, each handcrafted by our designers to make your content stand out.
  • Create your own templates.
  • Easily drag-and-drop AMP components like text, images, videos, icons, SVG, CTA buttons, page attachment and embeds like Tweets in WYSIWYG-fashion.
  • AMP components support as they are launched by
  • Design customizations
  • Animations
  • Image, video, SVG and music libraries. Create your own media libraries.
  • Integration with free image and video providers
  • Technical SEO
  • User roles and publishing workflow for teams
  • Valid and optimized AMPHTML output
  • Monetization with Publisher Served ads and Google Ad Manager. Adsense support coming soon.
  • Tool recommended by AMP team
  • Examples of Web Stories created

Get your own white label
AMP Website builder. AMP PWA builder.

Let your customers create unlimited
websites. Progressive Web Apps. Web Stories.

Let users create winsome websites visually, without
writing code. hiring developers. technical support.

Website & PWA Builder

Your own branded AMP Website and PWA builder to let your clients create unlimited web apps.

  • Your customers can create Web Stories blog
    • Subfolder:
    • Subdomain:
    • Root domain:
    • on a custom domain
    • or on an existing website’s subdomain or subfolder
    • or on free subdomains of your platform website
  • Professional blogging tools with editorial workflow
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  • Responsive Web Designs
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  • Progressive Web App (PWA)
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  • UI/UX like Pinterest, Instagram and TikTok
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  • Build websites for your customers under your own white label website builder.
  • Clients can themselves visually create winsome websites in minutes.
  • Creating your stunning website is easier than ever.
  • PWA with stories feed and web story player.
  • Design customizations with hundreds of themes.
  • User roles and publishing workflow for teams.
  • Media libraries.
  • Content Types and Technical SEO.
  • Google Analytics and Search Console integration.
  • GDPR and CCPA compliance using amp-consent.
  • Free SSL certificates.
  • Valid and optimized AMPHTML.
  • Examples of sites created:
  • PWA example

Build your own blogging platform like
Tumblr Blogger Hashnode
with Web Stories content format.

Launch your own
UGC platform content marketing platform content discovery platform
dedicated to Web Stories format.

Offer a free and open blogging platform where
ideas matter. viewpoints matter.

Content Platform

Launch your own blogging platform and let your consumers create unlimited web apps and stories with single login.

  • Start your own blogging network and content platform.
  • With a single account, your users can
    • Create multiple web apps
    • Join other web apps as contributors and submit stories
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  • Multi-tenant, multi-site, multi-author AMP CMS
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  • User Generated Content (UGC)
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  • Common global feed of stories from all sites. Example.
  • Author Profile page shows all stories from different sites in one feed. Example.
  • Quiz Game
  • Content Syndication Widgets

  • Clients can create multiple websites with same user account.
  • Different user roles for each site
  • Made for teams.
  • Community builder: Enable user contributions to get free UGC
  • Provide guest blogging opportunity for content marketers
  • Custom content types to boost contributions
  • Examples of author profiles:
  • Web App profile

Start your own
Instagram-like Snapchat-like Pinterest-like TikTok-like
social network.

Yours to own
Instagram Snapchat TikTok Pinterest
of Web Stories.

Web Stories from all sites form a
common feed personalized feed fully automated feed

A social media platform that's
hassle-free spam-free maintenance-free

Community Platform

Launch your own Instagram-like social network with Web Stories as post format.

  • Profiles for users and web apps.
  • Personalized feed of web stories.
  • Users can personalize their experience by following topics, web apps and other users.
  • User Reactions
  • Best of both the worlds: Social Media and SEO.

  • Social networking tools that'll automatically build a social media for you.
  • Get Instagram-like social media of Web Stories of your own, without putting any additional efforts.
  • No manual social posting: As users publish stories on their websites in the network, the global stories feed, user and website profiles get automatically updated.
  • As you build websites and create content on them, your central brand site will begin to show:
  • Web Stories feed automatically created from all websites in the network.
  • Profiles with feed for all websites and creators in the network.
  • Users can follow websites, creators or topics to personalize their experience.
  • Users can join websites as contributors and create stories.
  • Example of common feed
  • Examples of web app profiles:
    • 100% White Label: your branding and domains.
    • Platform skins to transform system design to match your brand.
    • No limitations.

    • No coding or tech skills required.
    • No setup, hosting or maintenance hassles.
    • We provide everything ready-to-use so you can focus on onboarding content creators and clients, creating web apps and community in a highly productive manner.

    • No hosting hassles.
    • Automatic updates.
    • Modern stack.
    • Highly optimized coding.
    • Endlessly scalable on cloud.

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