AMP Stories: The Biggest SEO Opportunity of 2020

The Visual Stories carousel appears in Google SERPs. Prepare to rank in there by leveraging the AMP Stories format, now!

Google now has a dedicated carousel of Visual Stories in its search results. As was announced in the AMP Conference 2019, AMP Stories are rolling out in a big way. They now have a dedicated space in Google SERPs. This is surely a major change for the SEO, rather a big SEO opportunity.

Visual Stories Carousel

As a user, you've probably been creating and consuming Stories on platforms like Instagram and Snapchat. AMP Stories are like that, but they are search engine-friendly and monetizable. They are an amazing combination of AMP and interactive storytelling. These vertical, mobile-first Visual Stories offer a plethora of benefits in terms of performance and user engagement metrics. And now these Stories have a separate space in Google search results! What more can you ask for? Get ready to rank in there by leveraging the AMP Stories format, right away.

After Google announced the launch of AMP Stories, it was expected that they would eventually bring this content format into mainstream. In the AMP Conference 2019, they introduced this major breakthrough. AMP Stories will be a huge SEO opportunity in the coming years. It will be relatively easier for content written in the Stories format to rank, but only until competition catches up.

Google had stated in its 20th anniversary event that it's "doubling down" on AMP Stories in search results "in the coming months". One could see the Stories carousel being experimented on mobile search for a few keywords. In the AMP Conference, they officially declared that the Visual Stories carousel is coming. And that Travel Stories would be the first to get a prominent placement in Google Search Results. And here they are!

This is definitely an alarm for the SEO community to rise up to visual storytelling, the search engine-friendly way. In the overwhelmingly competitive world of SEO, easy opportunities are rare. If you have struggled to get rankings on your keywords in Google search, make an early shift to the AMP Stories format and boost the ranking potential of your content. Hop on the Visual Stories trend and grow your online presence.

Hurry Up!

Your AMP Stories will rank in the Stories carousel until your competition comes up with Stories targeting the same keywords. It’s all about timing it right. Competition may not crop up soon in your niche due to lack of tools to build AMP Stories. Our AMP Story Builder is a user-friendly tool available openly on the web for anyone to use. Even if competition swells up for highly popular keywords, there will still be a lot other keywords on which you won’t face much competition for a year or two. You can get a lot of business done by then! Let your content be in the right place at the right time.

Stories Format and Google

The Stories format is hugely popular on social media, especially Instagram and Snapchat. Facebook recently declared its vision for the future: “Less News Feed, more Stories”. Now Google’s own Youtube has launched Stories.

AMP Stories is Google's answer to the Stories trend. Google recently closed G+ and is now making its search results look more visual and like social media. It clearly looks like in the coming years, Google will bet heavily on AMP Stories.

Faster, Better Experiences

AMP Stories are regular web pages and compete intensely to rank in regular search results. AMP Stories score very high in web performance metrics and help your page pass crucial ranking factors.

  • Advantages of AMP : Powered by the innovative technology from Google’s AMP Project, AMP Stories load almost instantly. As a result, they score very high on a variety of performance metrics like First Contentful Paint (FCP), Time to Interactive (TTI), First Input Delay (FID), etc.
  • Speed : According to a new research by Google, 53% of consumers will abandon a site if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. Speed is a ranking factor. Fast-loading pages are crucial to engage users as well as get good rankings on search engines.
  • Mobile SEO : More than half of the Internet traffic comes from mobile devices. AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) content loads instantly on mobile devices. AMP Stories are mobile-focused and they mesmerize users with full-screen, tap-through, immersive experiences ensuring more user engagement and conversions. It’s a revolution for the mobile web.

User Engagement

Put your content in the right format. AMP Stories format helps you write crisp, clear, concise content and present it in a visually striking way.

  • Time on Site and Bounce Rate : Being visually rich and fast-loading, AMP Stories have the potential to engage users better as compared to regular web pages, thus increasing time on site. Less Bounce Rate and a high Time on Site are the most important signals your site can send to search engines.
  • Returning Visitors : AMP Stories are visually appealing, highly engaging, immersive user experiences. They’ll enthral users and make them come back for more. Increased returning visitors is a crucial signal to boost rankings.
  • Links and Shares : Content written in the AMP Stories format scores high on the viral factor, getting you more likes and shares on social media. More shares on social media means stronger social signals. Also, visually engaging content will attract more natural links and help boost your rankings.

On the 65+ sites in the Visual Stories Network (VSN), there are articles as well as Stories. AMP Stories in general have proved to have a much better Time on Site, Pages per Visit and lesser Bounce Rates.

Grab the Opportunity Before Your Competitors Do

Easy opportunities don't come often in the fiercely competitive world of search. Leverage the AMP Stories format now. Time it right. Be an early adopter. Grab this unique SEO opportunity, before your competition catches up. Take the first step towards a bright future.

How We Can Help

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Our tooling will help you leverage Google's innovative mobile-focused AMP technology to create visual, vertical, user-first, and mobile-focused AMP Stories. It'll make your content give real results and help you get better ROI from your content creation efforts.

Write in the modern storytelling format. Be different. Create compelling content to engage your audiences. SEO was never this amazing!

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