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"Content marketing is the only marketing left."  - Seth Godin

Content marketing is an effective way to
increase visibility. improve brand awareness. build trust and authority.

Know content marketing is important hence looking for the right
platform? format? content?

Looking for writers and marketers who can create content that is
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We offer you an irresistible platform to submit content, and provide you with a tool which lets you create content in an innovative format that meets the needs of modern readers and serves as an excellent way to increase your ROI. By signing up with us, you can guest post on any of the websites in the Visual Stories Network (VSN) or create stories in any of the Visual Stories categories, and write visually engaging content to amuse your readers. Or you can take writing services from some of the best content marketers.

On signing up with Visual Stories, you can select a suitable category and create your Story. You can create Stories in the categories of your choice. Select one that is relevant to the subject of your Story.

Websites in the Visual Stories Network have a profile page. On this page, you will see the "Join As Contributor" button, clicking which you can sign up and join as contributor to that website. For example, InspiBoost Profile Page. Thus, you can join as contributor to one or more websites and start content marketing.

For guidelines about creating content and for some Story writing ideas, refer to Submission Guidelines.

Signing up will give you access to the Visual Story Builder that lets you create content in a visually engaging and high-converting format known as Web Stories. Its intuitive interface lets you create Stories in minutes! You also get access to a library of vertical Google Earth videos and several music files that can be added in your Stories.

Web Stories: The Futuristic Content Format

What are Web Stories you ask? Powered by Google's AMP technology, Web Stories (previously called AMP Stories) are visually engaging, fast-loading, mobile-focused and search engine-friendly. Owing to features like high loading speeds, crisp content and rich visuals, they score very high on user engagement metrics. And this has a positive effect on their search engine rankings too. Web Stories is the content creation format every blogger and content marketer should adopt, for this strategic shift is sure to boost user engagement and lead to business growth.

You can guest blog on multiple websites from a single place. Sign up once and create content on any of the Visual Stories categories and websites. You will find a variety of niches ranging from animals and pets to technology and from interior design and home repair to fashion and beauty. Which means for any product or service, you will surely find a relevant website or category to promote your business. To boost your effort, you can work with some of the best content marketers in the industry. Learn more in Content Writing Services.


Here are examples of authors who published content on various websites in the VSN:

You could be among these!

So sign up with us and start creating content in the Stories format. It's one of the best business decisions you will take.

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What happens with most content marketers is that they create great content and overlook the format it is presented in. Text-heavy web pages don't succeed at grabbing user attention. Since human brains are wired to process visuals faster than text and because users today are already bogged down by information overload and pressed for time, they prefer fast-loading content with attractive visuals and less text. It makes the content quick to read and easy to understand. Stories is the format that fulfills these user expectations. They have already taken over the social media and are poised to be the future of the web.

To stand out in the fierce competition to gain and retain users and achieve high conversion rates, you need to be different. In the way you create content and promote it, you need to embrace innovation, for there are millions already, doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results. You can't afford to be one of them. You need to change.

Well, the often overlooked aspect of content creation; its format. Creating more content may not work, creating it in a different format will. The look and feel of Web Stories is phenomenally different from traditional web pages. Stories give you a highly visual, immersive and tap-through experience. They have full-screen images and they support animations and videos, which takes the viewing experience to a whole new level. They are blazing fast, mobile-focused and tappable thus proving to be a perfect fit for today’s readers who are always on the go. They have very less text, which means readers are saved from information overload.

The biggest advantage of using the Visual Stories platform is that you get an opportunity to submit guest posts on multiple websites or create content in different categories of Visual Stories from a single place. Sign up just once and gain access to the Visual Story Builder, with the help of which you can create content on different websites and categories.

Visual Stories Network (VSN) is an expanding network of websites. By signing up only once, you can submit blog posts to all the websites that are a part of this network, using the Visual Story Builder. VSN has websites on a wide variety of niches. Every website in the VSN is dedicated to a specific subject. This means you will be able to submit content on one that is most relevant to the product or service you are marketing. Thereby you will be able to target the right audience. That’s the power of VSN. And you should harness it to benefit your business, now.

Web Stories expand visually to fill readers' mobile screens thus proving to be a very creative and immersive content format and offering flexibility in design. They support rich visuals with native video and image performance. Their animations and tappable interactions enrich user experience. They are replete with full-screen images and videos. As you know, humans find it easier to understand visually presented information as our brain can process visuals faster than text. Visuals are more effective in grabbing and holding user attention. Give text-heavy content and you send a user away. Give visually rich content and the user is sure to stay.

What Experts Say About Visual Content

You'll be pleasantly surprised to know that in spite of being media-rich, Web Stories load really fast. Page speed is critical to user experience and is also an important ranking factor. Loading time has a direct effect on conversion rate. 50% of the web users expect a site to load in 2 seconds or less, and they tend to leave a website that does not load within 3 seconds. Owing to certain AMP specifications that help reduce loading time, Web Stories load at lightning speeds, thus gaining user preference over slow-loading web pages.

Since more than 50% of the Internet traffic comes from mobile devices, offering a good user experience for mobile users is crucial to the success of any online business. Web Stories are mobile-focused. They are easy to view on small screens and offer a seamless browsing experience. They perfectly match the preferences of a mobile reader, tapping to navigate between screens and viewing content full-screen.

In tandem with the shift of users from desktop to mobile devices for web browsing, Google has a mobile-first indexing in place. It means that Google starts indexing a website from its mobile version and ranks it based on how it renders on a mobile phone. This underlines the importance of creating a good user experience for users on the mobile web.

According to Google's announcement about the introduction of Web Stories, the collective desire was for this format to offer new, creative and visually rich ways of storytelling specifically designed for mobile.

Search engine optimization today, needs you to think beyond keywords and on-page elements. With the increasing use of AI in search algorithms, user engagement metrics are the most important ranking factors. AMP features cover the technical aspects of SEO, thus helping the content rank better. And due to the highly engaging and immersive experiences that Web Stories are, they prove to be a very effective way to improve UX, further boosting rankings. What’s more; Google has started featuring them in the Visual Stories carousel on the first page of its search results.

Web Stories are fast-loading and visually appealing, taking user experience a notch higher. Good user experience has a positive impact on rankings. Chances are high that the content presented in the stories format becomes popular with the readers and goes viral. More user engagement on social media translates into stronger social signals, further boosting its rankings. Due to features like visual appeal and high loading speeds, the stories engage users for a longer span of time and make them want to come back. This leads to an increased time on site and reduced bounce rate, which are crucial ranking signals. In terms of performance metrics such as First Contentful Paint (FCP), Time to Interactive (TTI), First Input Delay (FID), among others, Web Stories score well. And they now have a dedicated carousel in Google search results.

Now, don't waste even a minute thinking of whether to adopt the Web Stories format. The opportunity is too good to miss. Grab it till it's new and known to a select few. Hop on the visual storytelling trend before your competitors do. Sign up with us, become a contributor to any or all of our websites and create content in the format you should. Web Stories. And to scale your content marketing effort, take our writing services.

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