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Visual Blogging, the 2023 Way

Visual Stories empowers you to create awesome content in the visually engaging Web Stories format. We give you the tools and technology to start a Web Stories blog for free and provide you with an easy way to earn from it.

Web Stories are fast-loading and immersive user experiences. Developed by Google, they are Snapchat/Instagram-like Stories that are search engine-friendly and meant for the web. They look strikingly different from traditional web pages. They now have a dedicated "Visual Stories" section in Google search results, which translates as a huge SEO opportunity for those adopting the Stories format.

Start a Web Stories Blog for Free

With Visual Stories, you can start a Web Stories blog on your existing website or create a new mobile-optimized website with the Web Stories feature. If you don’t have a website yet, we can build a website for you, on which you can start blogging in the Web Stories format. If you have a website already, you can get Web Stories on your website on a subdomain like or in a subfolder like

Be it on a new domain or a subdomain, your website will be AMP-optimized and a PWA and will harness Web Stories as the content format. Its hosting, setup and maintenance will be handled by us, thus freeing you from technology hassles. Technical SEO will be integrated into your website which will help it perform better. You will be able to focus on creating content, and also earn from it.

Create Mesmerizing Experiences

Create visually appealing, highly engaging and compelling content in the Web Stories format. This presentation format will help you get readers curious and more interested in your content. Mesmerize your readers with impactful and immersive experiences by creating a Web Stories blog.

Our Story Builder tool will help you write spectacular content that will:

  • Win your audience's attention and capture their imagination
  • Enthrall your readers and make them come back for more
  • Go viral
  • Rank high on search engines to fetch traffic
  • Drive profitable customer action
  • Turn prospects into customers, boost leads and drive sales
  • Build trust and authority

Build the most amazing content experiences that your target audience will seek out and willingly consume by creating a visual blog with us, that too for free. Read on to know how this can benefit you, or get started already.

You want to be sure that the content you create will deliver real results. If you can’t capture the user's attention, nothing else matters. You need an attention-grabbing design that sparks instant interest and curiosity before casual visitors get to the words. You need an arresting presentation that captivates readers and glamorizes every bit of your content in a hypnotic rhythm.

In today’s highly competitive online world, you can sail smoothly if you embrace new technologies that help tell stories in new ways and boost user engagement. Put your content creation efforts in a modern storytelling format that takes your content to another level and paves the way for a better ROI. Upgrade your content strategy to make your content build readership and boost ROI. Adopt visual storytelling. Start a Web Stories blog.

Over 4.4 million blog posts are published on the Internet every day. More than 90 percent of the data in the world was generated over the last two years alone. Re-read that. In these times of intense online competition, if you write in the same old way that most do, traffic and growth will be hard to achieve. It may take longer to actually see some results. Your passion and enthusiasm may not stand the test of time.

If you wish to dominate your niche, you need a radically different approach. Don't blog the same way millions of websites do. Your posts will have to look path-breakingly different from conventional web pages. You need a modern storytelling format to help your content stand out and compete successfully. Be different and make a difference by embracing the Web Stories format to blog.

Modern Readers:

  • Have shorter attention spans and declining reading habits, due to information overload.
  • Can't stay focused due to competing demands on their time.
  • Mostly skim through long articles on websites rather than reading them carefully.
  • Prefer bite-sized chunks and short summaries over long-form content.
  • Remember information longer when it's visual than textual.
  • Are increasingly visually-oriented and want crisp yet visually attractive
  • Are more likely to trust content that is in a well-designed visual presentation format rather than a text-heavy one.

Web Stories, having rich visuals and crisp text, perfectly fit the requirements of modern readers.

Nearly 85% of the internet users access the web from smartphones, making it important to focus on producing mobile-friendly content. Reading long-form articles becomes extremely cumbersome on the small screens of smartphones.

Readability is key to creating a stellar mobile experience. Just a mobile-friendly responsive web design is not enough anymore. Your design must be mobile-first, fast-loading, visually interesting and immersive to boost readability. Such immersive mobile experiences is the predicted trend for the coming years.

A New Storytelling Format to Boost Audience Engagement

With modern attention spans to deal with, you need a new content format that:

  • Transforms the reading experience, glamorizes every word of your text and makes reading a delight.
  • Structures every byte of your content in a visually enthralling manner.
  • Catches and captivates audiences’ attention, and gains their confidence and trust
  • Ensures that content is perfectly formatted and showcases it in a visually compelling way to engage readers.
  • Is distraction-free, allowing visitors to easily focus on one piece of information at a time.
  • Enforces the writings to be structured in highly readable snippets, a mobile screenful at a time.
  • Provides a consistently smooth interactive navigation.
  • Gives a blazing fast experience even if the web page is loaded with images and videos.
  • Supports smooth animations.
  • Is mobile-first and works perfectly across devices of all sizes.

Now while all that might sound obvious to do, it’s only possible if you embrace a cutting-edge technology to empower your blog with a magnetic presentation format. With such tech in place you can then focus on producing content at scale. Adopt visual storytelling. Create a blog for free, in the Web Stories format.

It's often not the content itself but the way it's presented that's the issue. Presentation and design are as important as content. Design is the glue that holds an audience's attention.

The formula for effective communication with an audience with divided attention is to divide your writing into concise and succinct bits, and present it in a visually striking manner. The text has to be in short pieces coupled with stimulating visuals. An effective presentation would entice audiences by exhibiting your information like a “Visual Show” of short, sweet, snackable content slices.

Rise of the Stories Format

In the last couple of years, the Stories format has become wildly popular on Snapchat and Instagram, so much so that Facebook declared it’ll focus more on Stories than news feed. Even as Stories rose in popularity to become the most sought-after format, it had remained locked in the walled gardens of social media apps. But now the format has become available for the open Web, thanks to Web Stories, an initiative by Google. Now even you can publish Instagram-like Stories on your own website! Create your own Web Stories blog for free.

Web Stories are:

  • AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages): A high performance technology that loads web pages near instantly.
  • Stories: The Stories format, immensely popular on Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat and Facebook.

Web Stories are visually enchanting, quick-loading, full-screen, immersive experiences. It’s a user-first visual storytelling format for the open Web. These bite-sized Stories go light on text and are replete with visuals to completely captivate users through a tappable experience.

The look-and-feel of Web Stories is vastly different from long-form articles. Its tidy, uncluttered design creates a calm aesthetic and the perfect reading atmosphere even on mobile. Start a free visual blog that harnesses Web Stories as the content format.

Start a Web Stories Blog for Free

AMP is an innovative web technology that enables the creation of blazing-fast websites that give a smooth, engaging experience on both mobile and desktop. AMP pages load quickly, almost instantly when clicked from search engine results. An open-source initiative of Google, the AMP project is being developed in collaboration with thousands of developers and publishers.

The Web Stories format builds on the foundation of the AMP framework. It adds a visual, interactive storytelling layer on top of AMP.


Visual Story Builder

Our Story Builder is a user-friendly tool available openly on the web for any user to create Web Stories. The Stories created are fast, fun and easily customizable. Everyone, from personal bloggers and small businesses to publishers and marketing organizations, can leverage our visual blogging platform to deliver premium content. Start designing appealing Stories. Create your own visual blog.

Web Stories are:

  • Fast: Load quickly. Visitors from search engines experience near-instant loading.
  • Visually rich: Support rich visuals with native video and image performance. Enrich storytelling through animations, visual effects and tap-through interactions.
  • Immersive: A full-screen palette with a distraction-free, intimate viewing experience that aids reading.
  • Reader-friendly: Make reading a pleasure by decluttering the experience.
  • Attention-grabbing: Capture the micro-moments of a hurried visitor and trigger the desired emotional connections.
  • Captivating: Draw attention to one small piece of content at a time.
  • Absorbing: Help a reader ditch distractions and delve into deeper learning.
  • Mobile-focused: Make it super easy to glide through content with their smooth tap-through navigation.
  • Responsive: Deliver a smooth experience across devices of all sizes.
  • Search engine friendly: Score high on search engine as well as user engagement metrics.
  • Open: Part of the open web and can be shared across sites without being confined to a single ecosystem.

It’s undoubtedly the best web format for readers today. Also see: Benefits of Web Stories.

Gone are the days when Search Engine Optimization (SEO) was only about keywords in title and on-page elements. There's much more to effective SEO today, especially given the increasing use of AI in search algorithms. User engagement metrics are now the most important ranking factors. If your content cannot engage users you should not expect it to rank. Web Stories format has got technical SEO covered for you, with the right blend of modern technologies that optimizes UX and passes the right signals to achieve high organic rankings.

Additionally, a dedicated section for Visual Stories in Google SERPs is a new frontier for gaining more visibility for your content. Just by having Web Stories on your blog will put it in a privileged position to rank for highly competitive and popular keywords; until competition catches up! (Learn More.)

A Media Library

We empower you with a library of images, vertical videos and several music files that can be added to your Stories for free. Access this library and enrich your content with stunning images, videos and melodious music.

Hop on the Stories Trend

Web Stories provide you with the very building blocks that make for compelling content. This format is a perfect fit for content creators to write winning content. It lets you capture the attention of distracted visitors, convert them into focused readers and helps you convey your ideas in a more effective way.

Invest your writing efforts in a brand new format worthy of your time. Create crisp, clear, concise content. Weave great content into stylish, elegant experiences.

It's 2023. Blogging has evolved. Have you?

Stay ahead of the competition by leveraging Web Stories, the most disruptive idea with obvious benefits. You are at the right place at the right time to join those smart few, who were the fastest to decide adopting Web Stories. In the overwhelmingly competitive world of online publishing, being an early adopter of the latest web technologies is the key to success.

Time to Act

Blog using Web Stories, an Instagram-like Stories format. Start a website with Web Stories feature or get this feature on your website. Harness this innovative content format to increase audience engagement. It’s time to shake things up. Get ready for online success. Now's the time to take the leap. Grab the opportunity!

Start a Web Stories Blog for Free

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