How to Build Your Personal Brand with Visual Stories

Create Visual Stories as a part of your personal branding strategy and increase your following.

Visual Stories are
fast-loading. visually engaging. searchable, linkable and shareable on the web.

Visual Stories provide the
user experience of social media stories. reach and visibility of the web.

Create Stories
without writing any code. in minutes. with ease. for free.

Post unlimited content
in multiple categories. with a single user account. from a single place.

Creating Visual Stories will help
build your personal brand. increase your followers. grow your network.

Creating Visual Web Stories is an effective way of personal branding. These Stories are fast-loading, visually engaging and searchable on the web. And they can rank on Google. So, by creating promotional content in this format, you can reach a wider audience and earn more followers!

Proud of your online presence? To see it grow, amuse your audience by creating content in a dazzling format that provides the user experience of social media and the reach of the web. If you have a good number of social media followers, introduce them to an amazing new content format by creating Visual Stories.

You can guest blog in different categories of Visual Stories. Or you can have your own website with Visual Stories (similar to having a page on FB or IG).

To Guest Blog

  • Sign up.
  • Select the category of your choice.
  • Create your Story and forward it to the moderators.
  • Our moderators will check the content and publish your Story within a day of posting.

To Create Your Own Website

Visual Stories gives you an easy-to-use tool to create Instagram-like Stories that stay on the site forever. They won't be deleted in 24 hours; so the time you spend on creating content will be more worth! And you can post unlimited content for free.

  • Your Stories will be highly engaging, fast-loading and mobile-focused.
  • You will get access to our Visual Story Builder tool with which Story creation will be easy and fun.
  • You will also be able to upload your photos and videos in your Stories. You will get free access to an audio library using which you will be able to add music to your Stories.
  • Published stories will not be deleted.
  • From your Stories, you will be able to give links to your social profile, brand page or blog.
  • In your blog or social posts, you will be able to share your Stories.
  • You will have a profile like this.
  • You will be able to post content on different websites with a single user account, from a single place.

Remember, these Stories are search engine-friendly. They are indexed by search engines, and are searchable, linkable and shareable on the open web. Thus, you will get user traffic from search engines as well. So, not just those who follow you; but also those who may not know you yet; readers from across the globe, will land on your content. And thus, you will get new followers. Linkable and shareable on the web means you can link to your Stories from your social media profiles and share your Stories on social media platforms.

So what are you waiting for? Start creating Stories, post content regularly, build your personal brand and expand your reach.

What You CAN Post

Anything you would post on social media! Yes, jokes, riddles, quotes, poems, your social or political views, promotions of upcoming events or your personal experiences; just anything you want to say. Duplicate content will be allowed. You could repurpose your already published content in the Stories format. Summarize the content of a blog post you wrote, compile your Tweets, make a collection of quotes, write promotional content about a movie, book release or an event, or post your photos and videos. From your Stories, give links to your brand page, social media profile pages, or your blog. And from your social media profiles or blog, give links to your Stories.

Put your content in the immersive Stories format and watch the user engagement soar high. To know the guidelines your content should adhere to and get some Story writing ideas, go through submission guidelines.

Why ‘Stories’ is the Best Content Format

Content in this format looks like Instagram or Snapchat Stories. The content is visually engaging, fast-loading, mobile-focussed, tap-through and user-first. A Story is composed of multiple slides; each slide can have an image, video, text or all of these. Now imagine this. A Tweet or quote on each slide, your Story a series of these. A photograph or video on each slide; your Story a gallery/slide-show of photos or videos. Anything you would post on social media or write in a blog can be put into the Stories format. Learn Why Web Stories is the Best Content Format.

How to Post Content

When you sign up with Visual Stories, you will get access to the Story Builder Tool and to a free media library that includes pre-cut images, vertical videos and music clips that can be added to your Stories. You will also be able to upload photos and videos and add them in your Stories.

If writing on Visual Stories categories, you will have to forward your Stories to the moderators who will publish them. If writing on your own website, you will be able to publish Stories yourself.

The interface is easy to understand; walk through and you will know how to create Stories. And you can also get a free online training of the Story Builder. Which will introduce you to all the features and functionality of the tool. Know How to Use the Story Builder. Or Request for Online Demo.

So feel free to sign up with Visual Stories and start posting content that your followers would love to see.

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