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Create a stunning PWA visually, without writing a single line of code. Make it highly engaging by using Web Stories as the content format.

Thought of turning your website into an app but didn't have the
time? resources? budget?

Knew mobile apps aren’t hassle-free as they have to be
downloaded? installed? frequently updated?

Get a PWA for your website
without coding! in minutes! for free!

Get PWA with a design like
Instagram. TikTok. Pinterest.

Your PWA will look
amazing. breathtaking. mind-blowing. splendid. fantabulous.

Create a PWA that is
highly engaging. enthralling. visually appealing. immersive. mesmerizing.

See to Believe

Here’s a walk-through of the Mobile PWA of VacationJoys, which was created with Visual Stories.

Here’s a walk-through of the Desktop PWA of VacationJoys, which was created with Visual Stories.

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are websites and mobile apps at the same time. They can be installed on your device (mobile and desktop) and accessed offline.

Your website can leverage PWA capabilities! With the Visual Stories’ PWA Builder, you can get a PWA of Web Stories on your own website without writing a single line of code, and for free. We provide you with a no-code PWA solution and let you get a PWA in minutes.

Hassle-free Implementation

You can get the PWA on a subdomain or in a subfolder of your own website without disturbing its existing structure. If you do not have a website, you can create a PWA on a subdomain of Visual Stories or on a new domain. You will not have to worry about its setup, hosting and maintenance. Technical SEO will be implemented, and new features and optimizations will be implemented automatically.

Intuitive Design

The PWA design will be an amazing combination of Instagram, TikTok and Pinterest. Get the look of Pinterest and a TikTok-like experience with the tap-through feature of Instagram. As an example of a PWA created with Visual Stories, see: VacationJoys PWA.

Search Engine-friendly Content

Your Progressive Web App will harness Web Stories as its content format. Web Stories (earlier known as AMP Stories) are similar to social media stories but are meant for the open web. This means, they are searchable, linkable and shareable on the web and are indexed by search engines. With the introduction of Visual Stories carousel in Google search results, these Stories have a huge possibility of ranking on Google’s first page.


The PWA will be backed by our SAAS system that handles content management, cloud hosting, technical SEO and all that you would require to create Web Stories. Our AMP CMS is a multi-tenant, multi-app, multi-author system that allows multi-site blogging with a single user account from a single place. It comes with blogging tools and a complete editorial workflow. Your PWA will get automatic feature updates and as and when new AMP components are introduced in Web Stories, they will be added automatically.

So get a PWA of Web Stories without any technical hassles and for free.

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