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Get Sponsored Stories written in the dynamic Web Stories format for a landing page that will lead to an increase in traffic and conversion.

What are Sponsored Stories?

Considering the vast expanse of the Internet, reaching and engaging the right target audience for your product is no less than a Herculean task. A Sponsored Story is what helps you go far in this venture. It is a piece of your content that is displayed on a certain website, with a blurb stating that the content is sponsored by your website.

Thus, sponsored content gains you a higher exposure on the web and a chance to get backlinks from authoritative websites, thereby driving more traffic and increasing conversions for your website. Apart from this, sponsored content is also more economical than your typical display ads.

Make the Sponsored Stories Stand Out

The idea of Sponsored Stories undoubtedly sounds well and good. But, the caveat is that you can find Sponsored Stories on every nook and corner on the web. So how do you make your Story steal the limelight? The answer to this dilemma lies in the Google’s latest Web Stories format (formerly called AMP Stories). This content format, similar to Snapchat/Instagram Stories, is fast-loading, visually engaging and tap-through. However, Web Stories are search engine-friendly, meant for the open web and can rank on Google’s 1st page. Thus, a Sponsored Story in the Web Stories format will attract more readers.

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Double Up as a Landing Page

A Sponsored Story in the Web Stories format can also serve as a landing page of your website. Landing pages are an indispensable part of any business strategy. They are the pages a site visitor will land up on when they reach your website, typically via an online ad or an email. The ultimate goal of a landing page is conversion. This is the page that can clinch the deal to convert a passive site visitor into an active user.

Often, it is seen that site owners think it is sufficient to have a link dedicated to the product or the service offered on their website. But, if an interested lead lands up on your website and has to search through the rest of the information on the website for the offer, they will more than likely be put off. And with so much riding on it, a landing page has to be more than a typical web page that waxes eloquent on a product or a service with a call-to-action (CTA) thrown in the mix.

It’s not just the content and the CTA that needs to be compelling, but the way it is presented needs to be just as, if not more, compelling. The Web Stories format provides the best fodder for creating a foolproof landing page that will reel in visitors and coax them to stay.

Why Have a Web Story Landing Page?

With a Web Story landing page, you can bring the visitors to the product/service directly, without any unnecessary distractions. Mesmerizing visuals of the Story will catch the eye of the readers and hero your content.

Time is of the essence when you are aiming for a conversion. Coupled with its mobile-friendliness, the fast-loading Story will surely make the readers look upon your offer with favor. After experiencing the smooth, immersive, undisruptive journey provided by the Web Story landing page, the readers will not be able to resist clicking on your CTA, leading to an increase in user engagement and conversion rate. To top it all, Google now has a section dedicated solely for Web Stories in the search results, giving you a massive opportunity to rank higher and boost traffic.

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