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Make a mark in the travel industry by adopting an amazing visual marketing tool without any technical hassles and for free.

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Integrate our no-code solution to get a visual blog on your travel website. Empower your site with cutting-edge web technologies (AMP and PWA) and a futuristic content format, Web Stories. Get a Web Stories blog on your website without any technical hassles. Start creating Instagram-like stories on your own website. Boost your website's engagement metrics and organic traffic by creating visually engaging content.

Empower your tourism website with AMP and PWA technologies and the visually engaging Web Stories format (a Snapchat/Instagram-like stories feature). Integrate our no-code solution on your site's sub-directory or sub-domain, without disturbing its existing nature. It only takes a few minutes to set up. All this without writing a single line of code and without affecting your existing website.

Start a visual blog of Web Stories on your website. Boost your website's search rankings by creating visually appealing, fast loading and highly engaging content. This'll create a new traffic magnet, a lead generating zone on your site. It will help you attract visitors and expand your reach online, thus turning out to be an effective branding method for your tourism business.


Integrated on a sub-domain

Integrated on a root domain

Beautify your tourism website to make it exceptionally
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Easily create travel content that is
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Quickly build beautiful
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Build stunning web pages that will
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Visual Stories, also known as Web Stories (or AMP Stories) are visually appealing, highly engaging, mobile-focused and user-first. Being powered by Google’s AMP Technology, they load at exceptionally high speeds, thus enriching user experience. They are Stories like those on Instagram and Snapchat. However, they are search engine-friendly and meant for the open web. They are speedy and immersive, thus proving to be the best content format on the web.

Travel Web Stories are ranking on Google! As announced in the Google's AMP Conference 2019, AMP Stories (now called Web Stories) would soon get a dedicated section in Google Search Results. It was also announced that Stories in the Travel niche will feature first.

And they really did! Search on Google with terms like Chicago, Italy, Asia (for example) on mobile, and you will see a Visual Stories carousel on the first page of search results. The pages in this section are Web Stories. Yes. Stories in the travel niche have started ranking already! Stories of some of the client websites of Visual Stories have ranked. Notice the red arrows in the screenshots below. They point to Stories of these websites.

So you can see that Web Stories in the travel niche have a high potential to feature on Google's 1st page. Thus they prove to be an effective content marketing strategy for travel brands. Don't you think?

Visual Stories gives you a no-code, hassle-free solution to get a PWA of Web Stories on your website. You get access to a feature-rich Story Builder Tool that lets you create Stories in minutes. From starting a Web Stories blog on your website to earning from it, Visual Stories is your one-stop solution. Create and publish content on your website in the Web Stories format. Monetize your website and earn passive income. Achieve success online!

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Get a 'Visual' Web Stories Blog on Your Website

Get Web Stories feature on your own website, without disturbing its existing architecture. In a few quick steps, you can get Web Stories on a subdomain of your own website or on a subdomain of Visual Stories.

To start a Web Stories blog on a subdomain of your website, visit Configure Web Stories on Your Site.

To start a Web Stories blog on a subdomain of Visual Stories, select Free Domain in Start a Web Stories Blog.

Apart from getting the Stories blog on your own website, you can also join other tourism websites in the Visual Stories Network and create Stories on these sites. You can post your Stories on the following sites. Click Join and get started right away.

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There's no good reason to wait or look any further before you empower your website with Web Stories feature and take your first step on the highway to success. Start now.

Boost Your Travel Business with Visual Web Stories

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