Empower Your Travel Website with AMP Stories Feature

Get AMP Stories feature on your website and boost your possibility to rank in Google.

Have a website on travel and tourism? A great business opportunity to increase your rankings and revenue is knocking your door; can you hear it? Get AMP Stories feature on your website. Start creating content in this visually engaging format that's all set to rule the Internet.

As announced in the Google's AMP Conference 2019, AMP Stories would soon get a dedicated section in Google Search Results. It was also announced that Stories on Travel niche will feature first.

And they really did! Search on Google with terms like Chicago, Italy, Asia (for example) on mobile, and you will see a Visual Stories carousel on the first page of search results. The pages in this section are AMP Stories. Yes. Stories in the travel niche have started ranking already!

Now, this is a compelling reason to start creating Travel AMP Stories. Don't you think? Learn more in Why AMP Stories are a Big SEO Opportunity.

Get AMP Stories Feature on Your Website

Allow us to help you make this strategic shift towards business growth. We give you the tools and technology to get AMP Stories feature on your own website, without disturbing its existing architecture. In a few quick steps, you can get AMP Stories on a subdomain of your own website or on a subdomain of Visual Stories.

No Technical Hassles

The hosting, setup and maintenance of your AMP Stories website will be managed by us. The site will also be a PWA. Technical SEO will be implemented on your website and you will be able to create AMP Stories on it using our Story Builder tool integrated into the website. You will have access to a media library of Google Earth videos and music files, free to be used in your Stories. You will also be able to create your own media library by uploading photos and videos which will be accessible only to you.

An Opportunity to Earn

Get the AMP Stories feature without worrying about technology, and for free. Give us a share in the revenue earned from the ads in your stories. Opt for RevShare wherein you earn 75% share of the revenue and we earn 25%.

Get AMP Stories Written

You'll have the technology to create AMP Stories on your website. But who will write them you wonder? Well, we can also provide you with content writing services. Get AMP Stories written on the subjects of your choice, from some of the best writers who write travel Stories as their job and hobby! Each Story will be charged $30.

Get Content Marketing Services for Your Website

Now you may want to consider having one good content marketing channel to promote your website. Why one, we have many! We can give you branded content as a service wherein Stories will be written in the Travel and Adventure categories of Visual Stories and on other relevant websites in the Visual Stories Network, like VacationJoys and VacationZeal, with backlinks to your website. You will be charged $30 per Story. As the number of Stories increases, discounts will apply.

Get Started

There's no good reason to wait or look any further before you empower your website with AMP Stories feature and take your first step on the highway to success. Start now.

Get AMP Stories on Your Website

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