Frequently Asked Questions

On Guest Blogging

What does “Guest Blog” mean?

“Guest Blog” means that a user can join website(s) from niches of his/her choice and submit AMP Stories on the same. The guest blogging feature allows you to post content on one or more websites in the Visual Stories Network.

On what basis do I choose a website for my Story?

Refer to the list of websites in the Visual Stories Network and select an appropriate website for your Story.

How to post content in Visual Stories categories?

Signing up with Visual Stories lets you create content in several different categories that range from animals, travel and lifestyle to technology, finance and health. These categories are websites in themselves, created on subdomains of Visual Stories. Examples:

Signing up once, you can create Stories in any of the categories with the Visual Story Builder tool and access a library of images, videos and music that can be included in your Stories for free. Learn more in Niches to Create Stories.

How to structure or construct a Story?

  • A Story should have multiple slides.
  • Add content that is related to the topic of your Story.
  • Use images/videos that will enhance your content.
  • In each slide, you can add multiple layers like text, image, video, CTA.
  • To add a layer to a slide, click on the ‘+’ sign beside that particular slide and select the type of layer.
  • Select the layouts of the layers such that they do not superimpose on each other.
  • Select overlay and text colors such that the image/video is visible and the text is readable.
  • You can customize your Story at Story-level, layer-level or field-level, with the help of overlay color and opacity, font style, size and color, margins, padding, borders, and different alignments for text.
  • You can also add a background music to your Story by selecting an audio file from the free music library.

Refer to this Video Tutorial to know how to create an AMP Story.

Is there any character count limit for fields?

Yes. Here are the character count limits for -

  • Story Title – 70
  • Story Description – 360
  • Card Title – 80
  • Card Text – 360

The character limits are shown below each field, to the right.

Are multi-lingual Stories accepted as submissions?

Yes, we accept submissions in the following languages: Arabic, German, English, Spanish, French, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Vietnamese, Chinese.

Are links allowed in a Story?

Yes, provided that they are authentic. Spamming the Story with too many links is discouraged and it may lead to the Story being rejected. Links can be added in text or with the help of CTA.

Is my Story shareable from the “Preview”?

No, a Story is not shareable from the “Preview”. A Story will be shareable once it is published.

What should I check for before submitting a Story?

  • A Story should have minimum 3 slides.
  • It shouldn’t have too many links or spammy links.
  • Your content should be original and not plagiarized.
  • Use images/videos that you are authorized to use legally.
  • Don’t spam your content with keywords.
  • Ensure that there is no text in the background image as it hampers the readability of the Story text.
  • Submit your Story only after it is completed.

Can I edit my Story once I submit it?

Yes. You can take your Story back for editing after it has been submitted by clicking on “Edit again” option. However, you cannot edit your Story if it is in the ‘Approval Pending’ stage.

What are the criteria that can get my Stories rejected?

A Story will be rejected if:

  • Your content is plagiarized, copyrighted work of others or is already published elsewhere.
  • Your uploaded images/videos are copyrighted by others or if you are not authorized to use the uploaded images/videos (legally or ethically).
  • Your content, in any case, endorses/promotes any kind of violence and/or obscenity.
  • Your Story lacks sufficient content. In that case, it will be sent to you for re-evaluation stating the required changes, after which you can resubmit the Story.

Refer to our submission guidelines for further details.

In how much time will my Story get published?

Depending on the quality of content and length of your Story, it may take anywhere between 2 to 8 days for your Story to be published.

Where will my Stories be hosted?

Your Stories will be visible on the website that you submit a particular Story to.

Where can I see all my published Stories?

Go to "" to view your profile. Or Click on your username in the top right corner. Go to “Profile” and click on “View Profile”. You will be directed to a page where all your Stories are displayed.

Can I change the host website of my Story?

Yes, you can. Here’s how you can do it:

Step 01: Under “Edit Story”, click on ‘Click here’ below website.

Step 02: Under ‘Change Website’, click on ‘Select’. You will find a drop-down menu listing other websites. Select a website that best suits the subject of your Story.

Step 03:Click the ‘Check’ button.

Step 04: Click ‘Submit’

Ensure that you have selected the correct website in the drop-down list and click ‘Submit’.

Step 05: You’ll find that the host website has been successfully changed. Note: The host website of a Story cannot be changed once the Story has been published.

Can I edit the Stories once they are published?

Yes, you can edit the Story once the Story is published on the website. You will need to forward it again to the moderator, who will then publish it. Changes made to the story will reflect only after it is published.

How can I get in touch with the editorial team?

If you wish to contact the editorial team in case of any difficulties while creating a Story or regarding any other queries, email us at

On Creating a Website with Visual Stories

I own a website, how can I host AMP Stories on my website, created by the Builder?

You can get AMP Stories on a sudomain of your existing website or in a sub-directory of your existing website.

Step 01: Go to Specify the website where you intend to get the AMP Stories feature. Select the CMS or platform where your site is hosted. Click ‘Continue’.

Step 02:If you intend to get the AMP Stories feature on a subdomain of your website, select sub-domain. If you intend to get the Stories feature in a sub-directory of your website, select sub-folder.

If you select sub-domain, specify the subdomain name and click ‘Continue’. If you select sub-folder, specify the name of the sub-folder and click ‘Continue’.

Step 03: If you had selected sub-folder, in the ‘Config’ step, you will have to select the platform your website is using and then complete the configuration steps.

If you had selected sub-domain, you will have to complete the technical steps for pointing the sub-domain to the hosting server.

Step 04: Specify the website details and click ‘Submit’.

Step 05: You can apply a theme for your website, and explore other features in Manage Web App.

How can I host a new website with Visual Stories?

Step 01:Go to

Step 02: Click ‘Continue’ and you will be directed to ‘Domain’. If you intend to create a website on a subdomain of VisualStories, select ‘Free Domain’ and specify the subdomain name. If you intend to create a website on your domain, select ‘Custom Domain’ and specify the domain on which you would be creating the AMP Stories website. There should not be a site already existing on this domain.

Step 03: Clicking ‘Continue’ will take you to ‘Config’. Complete the technical steps to point your domain to the hosting server and click ‘Configuration Done’.

Click ‘Yes’. You will be directed to the ‘Create’ screen.

Step 04: Fill the website details and click ‘Submit’.

Step 05: You can apply a theme for your website, and explore other features in Manage Web App.

Is my website’s niche a criterion for the website’s approval?

If your site is hosted on a subdomain of Visual Stories, the website will not be approved if the subject of the website is one of these or if the website’s name implies any of the following subjects:

  • Medicinal drugs, medications
  • Health supplements
  • Acai Berry
  • CBD products
  • Steroids
  • Hemp oil
  • Diets, Diet Pills
  • Astrology
  • Debt Relief
  • MLM
  • Hacking
  • Ringless Voicemail
  • Reverse Phone Lookup
  • Gambling (casinos, roulette, poker)
  • Background check
  • Free Music or Movie Downloads
  • Animal Experiments or Animal Abuse
  • Substance Abuse
  • Drug Abuse
  • Marijuana
  • Weed
  • Addictions (will be approved if website is about overcoming addictions)
  • Sexual health
  • ED
  • Suicide, Violence, Offense, Weapons
  • Racism
  • Escort Services
  • Dating

Do I need to have technical/coding skills to host a website with Visual Stories?

No, our technical team will take care of all the setup. No coding skills are required on your part.
Refer to Start a Visual Blog to know more.

Can I earn from the website created with Visual Stories?

Yes, you can monetize the website you create through revenue sharing with your own AdSense account.

How should a website description be written?

In a sentence or two, the website’s intent and subject should be described. This description gets applied as the meta description of your website and is applied by default as the description of your PWA. The character limit for PWA description is 132.

  • The website description can be edited from ‘About’.
  • The PWA description can be edited from ‘Manage Web App’.

Where will my Stories be published and seen?

Your Stories will be published and seen on the subdomain of your existing website; or on the subdomain/new domain you create with us. The subdomain can be considered as a ‘Visualog’ on which the AMP Stories will be published and seen.

Can I get Free Content on my website? How does Guest Blogging apply to my website?

  • You can get free content on your website by enabling Guest Blogging feature.
  • In Manage Web App, enable Guest Blogging.
  • On the profile page of your website (Example:, there will be a button ‘Join as Contributor’, if guest blogging is enabled.
  • Writers/Guest bloggers will be able to join your website and post content.
  • Your website will have an editorial workflow, which means you will be able to monitor the content being posted by guest bloggers. You will be able to decide whether to approve of the content posted on your website.
  • Thus, by enabling guest blogging and allowing authors to join your website, you can get free content on your website.

Can I Guest Blog on the other websites in the Visual Stories Network if I have my own website in the network?

Yes, you can guest blog on any of the website(s) of your choice in the Visual Stories Network.

A new story does not show up on my site's homepage right away.

It's the expected behaviour for PWA. We use amp-install-service-worker and it's a standard in PWA building. A PWA is offline by nature and takes some time to update itself. So it’ll take some time for the homepage to have the link to the new Story. In our tests, we have found that it sometimes takes even an hour.

Our Services

What services do we offer?

What does the Content Writing Services package include?

The highlights of the package are:

  • You can get AMP Stories written for as little as $30 per Story.
  • Images and videos will be included as required by the content of your Story.

Refer to Content Services.


How do I add images to my Story?

You can upload your own images and add them to your personal library.

How do I add videos to my Story?

You can access a library of vertical Google Earth videos, that can be added in your Stories for free. You can also upload your own videos and add them in your Stories.

Can I upload my own images/videos?

Yes, you can upload your images/videos as long as they are not explicit, obscene, offensive, someone else’s copyrighted work, or trademarked. These uploaded images/videos will be added to your personal library and will be accessible only to you.

What should be the file format of the uploaded images?

The uploaded images should be in .jpg/.jpeg/.png format.

What is the size of the images that can be uploaded?

You'll have to crop the uploaded image(s) to the Portrait size. Size requirement is 928 px or higher (height).

How to crop and upload an image to my personal library?

Follow these steps to crop and upload an image:

Step 01: In the ‘Image’ tab, click on ‘Select An Image From Your Device’.

Step 02: Select an image that you want to upload from your device and click on ‘Open’.

Step 03: The selected image will be displayed in our Image Cropping tool. You can drag the cropping handle from the side, top and bottom to position your crop. The image can be rotated anticlockwise and clockwise, and it can also be swapped horizontally and vertically using the buttons below the image. Click on ‘Crop’.

Step 04: To the right of the image, you will see the image information fields like ‘Alt Text’, ‘Keywords’ and ‘Image Source’. Fill in the required information.

Step 05: If you wish to give image credits to the image you are uploading, switch ON the ‘Show Image Credit’ option. You’ll have to fill out the ‘Image Credit Text’ and ‘Image Credit URL’ fields. Note: Giving image credits to an image is optional. Filling out the ‘Image Credit URL’ is also optional.

Step 06:Click the ‘Upload’ button. The image will be uploaded to your personal library and can be seen in the ‘Uploaded Images’ tab.

How do I apply a different background and a different foreground image to a slide?

  • When you add a new slide, select ‘Text & Image’ card and fill the fields you wish to. Add a background image from ‘Image’ tab.
  • You can upload your own images or use images from your personal library (Uploaded Images).
  • After you have selected the background image, click on ‘Save’ to save your card.
  • Now, to add a layer, click on the ‘+’ sign beside that particular slide and add a ‘Text & Image’ card, fill the fields accordingly and add a foreground image from ‘Image’ tab.
  • Adjust the layouts of both the Rich Text cards such that they don’t superimpose on each other.

Refer to this Video Tutorial to better understand the process..

How do I use a background image as a foreground image?

Follow the steps mentioned below:

  • In the ‘Image’ tab, find and select an image of your choice. You can also upload an image of your own.
  • After selecting an image, go to ‘Layouts’ tab and select one of the layouts under the ‘Use Image as a Foreground’ field.
  • The image will be applied as a foreground image.
    NOTE: An uploaded image having a size below the recommended size will be, by default, added as a Foreground Image. To know the recommended size, refer What is the size of the images that can be uploaded?

How do I customize a Story?

Layer-Level: On any particular layer, click ‘Design’ and apply customizations, or click ‘Customize’ above each field in the layer and apply field-level customizations.

Story-Level: You can apply Story-level customizations through Story Settings. Note: Customizations selected through Story Settings apply to the entire Story. Layer-level customizations override Story-level customizations.

For help with customization options and design ideas, see: AMP Story Design Ideas.

Can I upload my own videos?

Yes, you can upload your own videos. They will be added to your personal library and cannot be accessed by any other user.

What are the video requirements?

  • The uploaded videos should be in .mp4/.webm/.ogg format.
  • The videos should be less than 6 MB, and can be of 5 minutes’ duration at the most.
  • You can upload portrait, landscape and square videos. Portrait videos are preferred.

How to upload a video to my personal library?

Step 01: Click on ‘Add New Slide’ and select ‘Video’.

Step 02: Click on ‘Select A Video From Your Device’.

Step 03: Select a video file from your computer and click on ‘Open’

Step 04: To set the poster image for the video, click on ‘Click here to capture Snapshot’ under ‘Capture Poster Image’ tab. And click on ‘Next’. The Poster Image will be displayed in place of the video till it loads.

Step 05: You can recapture the poster image by clicking on ‘Recapture Snapshot’. Click on ‘Next’ after you have captured the snapshot.

Step 06: Under ‘Video Info’ tab, fill the ‘Title’ and ‘Keywords’ fields. Click on ‘Upload’ after filling the necessary details.

Step 07: If you wish to give video credits to the video you are uploading, switch ON the ‘Show Video Credits’ option and fill out the ‘Video Credit Text’ and ‘Video Credit URL’ fields. Click on ‘Upload’
Note: Giving video credits to a video is optional. Filling out the ‘Video Credit URL’ is also optional.

Step 08: The video is successfully uploaded and will appear in the ‘Preview’. Click on ‘Save’.


  • If you have uploaded a Portrait video, it will be set as a background and will play in loop by default. You can turn OFF the looping if you want.
  • You can change the layout from the ‘Layouts’ tab.
  • You cannot apply overlay for a background video.

How to apply a video as a foreground video?

Step 01: Follow the steps mentioned in the above question to upload a video.

Step 02: After you’ve uploaded the video, go to ‘Layouts’ tab.

Step 03: Select any one of the layouts under ‘Use Video as a Foreground’ of your choice. Click on ‘Save’.

NOTE: All landscape and square videos will be applied as foreground videos only.

After you’ve selected a foreground layout, you can fit the video in 1/3rd of your screen by switching ‘ON’ the ‘Fit 1/3rd of Screen’ option. You cannot apply overlay for this particular option.

Or you can apply the video as a square video by switching ‘ON’ the ‘Fill as Square’ option.

How to apply a different background and a different foreground video to the same slide?

Step 01: Follow the steps given in How to upload a video to my personal library? to apply a video in background layout.

Step 02: After the video has been successfully uploaded, click on ‘Save’.

Step 03: Click on the ‘+’ sign beside that particular slide.

Step 04: Select ‘Video’ under the ‘Add Layer’ tab to add a layer to your current slide.

Step 05: Follow the steps mentioned in How to apply a video as a foreground video?’ to apply a video in foreground layout.


What is the AMP Story Builder?

The AMP Story Builder is a one-of-a-kind tool available openly on the Web for any user to create AMP Stories. It taps the potential of Google's AMP technology and Stories format to create an immersive and visually rich experience. The tool has extensive customization options and can be used by anyone.

How can I change my password?

Go to “Settings and Privacy” and click on “Change Password”. Follow the prompts to change your password.

How do I recover my password?

If you have forgotten or lost your password, click on “Forgot Password?”, enter your email id and your password will be emailed to you. You can then login using that password.

What does the “Get Link” button at the end of the Story do?

The “Get Link” copies the link of your Story, allowing you to share it across multiple social media platforms of your choice.

Note: A Story can be shared using the “Get Link” button only after it is published.

Can I share my Stories on social media?

Yes, once published, you can share your Stories on social media platforms like Twitter, WhatsApp, Pinterest, Gmail, LinkedIn and Tumblr.

What is the Visual Stories Network (VSN)?

It is an ever-expanding network of websites that are powered by the Visual Stories technology. One can guest blog on any of them. They form a common userbase and harness the AMP Stories format. For more information, see: Visual Stories Network.

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